Meet 21-year-old Zambia's youngest pilot Kalenga Kamwendo

Meet 21-year-old Zambia's youngest pilot Kalenga Kamwendo

A 21-year-old Zimbabwean pilot named Kalenga Kamwendo is the latest internet sensation. Many social media users have come to fall in love and admire the hardworking young man who is actively chasing his dreams.

Success stories are often encouraging and that is why the internet has come to love the pilot, Kamwendo, who at 21 has clocked in 1,000 hours of fly time and has earned the title of the young pilot in Zambia. How is that for a record?

Not only is Kalenga a commercial pilot, he is insanely handsome and is also a recording artiste. There is obviously no limit to the hard work and dedication that the young pilot pours into his passion.

Photos of him were shared on social media and as you must have guessed, they instantly went viral with most people praising the handsome pilot for being a source inspiration on social media.

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Here are photos below:

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Meanwhile, William Chandler, a senior South African Airways pilot, has reportedly been forced to step down.

This comes after the South African Airways discovered the pilot had been operating for 20 years with a forged license.

The discovery was made after an incident over Swiss air space had caused an investigation into the matter.

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