US-based Ghanaian Kwame Sarfo goes viral after paying university loans of over GHC 300k by age 23

US-based Ghanaian Kwame Sarfo goes viral after paying university loans of over GHC 300k by age 23

A US man of Ghanaian origin has gone viral after it emerged that by the time he was only 23, he had personally paid college tuition fees of $60,000.

The toil-to-triumph story of Kwame Sarfo has gone viral after he went on the Steve Harvey Show and explained that despite the odds being against him, he paid his university tuition fees of $60,000 by the time he was only 23.

Any observer of the American political and social scene would have known that college debts, going to the university on loans, is a problem that many people face for the rest of their lives with regards to settling all of it with interest.

So when Sarfo, a US-born Ghanaian, said he cleared over GHC 300,000 of debts with just one cheque at age 23, people could not help but share his story on social media.

Sarfo told Harvey on the show that he worked assiduously on a small business his parents bought when he turned 12.

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At a point in his life, he resorted to sleeping in his car because he had no place to call a home considering all his monies had been used to pay debtors.

In those instances however, he said he was more challenged to face life and give it his best shot.

Sarfo said on the show: “My parents bought a small business when I was 12, since then, I’ve been working all throughout college.

When I was 23, a week after I graduated with my masters, I wrote a check of 60,000 dollars, paid off all my loans”.

“After I graduated with the first masters and paid off the loan completely, I went through a little rough spot. For some weeks I was living in and out of my car, hotels sometimes. It was a tough time but that’s when I realised that God puts us in situations that he knows we can overcome”.

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After education, Sarfo got a job and was picked up as a model by four agencies.

Even though the path he has had would toughen many people, Sarfo seems to retain a lot of his optimism and the sense that there is good to be done.

He has chosen to help people in society and save as many from going through the same situations he went through.

He is now among other things, supporting charitable causes by donating to help school kids get fed in America where he resides.

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