Ghana Facebook users demand from US Embassy to treat visa applicants with dignity
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Ghana Facebook users demand from US Embassy to treat visa applicants with dignity

A Facebook user has taken to the platform to make an impassioned call on the American Embassy to treat Ghanaians applying for visas with "respect and dignity".

Mo Ralph Aisen, a Facebook user, has kicked off a very interesting debate on the social media platform through the group Tell It All by pointing out the American Embassy in Accra has in Aisen's view, failed to treat Ghanaians applying for visas with respect and dignity.

The April 25, 2019 post made the argument that it is perhaps out of suspicion on the part of the embassy authorities that all Ghanaians who go to the premises are looking for a better life in the United States.

Aisen rejected that all Ghanaians at the embassy are potential economic migrants, writing: "Ghanaians seeking USA visas are not criminals, and besides, not every Ghanaian seeking to come here intends to come hustle, some are coming for education, health, business and more".

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Why Ghanaians try to go to the United States

From Tell It All group on Facebook.
Source: Facebook

Aisen continued: "I've not been to other embassies in Accra so I can't say much about them, but is just an eye sore when you walk past or to the US embassy in Accra.

Women and children, the old and the sick are all hanging around stones and trees under the scorching sun or soaking rains waiting for their turn to be called in for an interview where your documents might probably not even be looked at.

Meanwhile, there's more than enough space inside the yard where chairs and canopies could be erected for people to sit down with respect and dignity. For God and country, we're in 21st century ok?"

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Aisen also reminded Facebook users that through it all, the US embassy gains from all the applications people make since fees are non-refundable.

Perhaps, one of the more salient points that resonated with social media users was Aisen arguing that the fact that America is a richer country does not mean its people are more human than Ghanaians.

This is not the first time this issue has surfaced and every time it does, Ghanaians generally agree that the US Embassy in Accra needs to do better.

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