Mortal Kombat gives black character Jax the power to undo slave trade in game

Mortal Kombat gives black character Jax the power to undo slave trade in game

Ghanaian enthusiasts of the worldwide hit video game Mortal Kombat now have an opportunity to undo the slave trade in the virtual world at least, if they play as character Jax and succeed in his arcade mode.

In the latest instalment of phenomenal video game Mortal Kombat, popularly known as MK 11, gamers can now play as Jax and in his unique world of his arcade mode, when he succeeds, he undoes the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

After Jackson “Jax” Briggs defeats the main antagonist Kronika in the game, who is also the keeper of time, Jax uses the new powers he has obtained from her to get the people he loves the most back in his life.

While at that, he turns back the hands of time by undoing the slave trade as well.

For many gaming critics, MK 11's special take on Jax is an attempt to offer people of African descent a place in the story told by virtual reality.

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When Jax restores dignity for African peoples in the game, he is heard saying: “If I think only about helping myself, what kind of officer am I? What kind of man? I’ve been lucky, my family and I have lived the American Dream.

But most people who look like me haven’t had that chance. I owe it to them to put things right.

“And I’m not waiting centuries for people to get woke, when I’ve got the power to speed things up. I don’t get it right the first time. Or the second. Or even the third. But eventually, I’ll knock it out of the damn park. My family’s back. The world’s a better place for everyone."

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Not surprisingly, the game developers' decision to give Jax this power of undoing one of the worst human atrocities in living memory has been met with controversy.

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For what it is worth, Ghanaians and any other persons of African descent can take solace in the fact that the world of virtual reality is offering us the opportunity to feel empowered in someway in this digital age.

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