Patapaa - Skopatumana lyrics, awkward live video and public reaction

Patapaa - Skopatumana lyrics, awkward live video and public reaction

The one corner hitmaker, Patapaa, is at it again. He has started a new challenge on social media with his latest rap in a music video that went viral. Featured in Daavi Neba by Kawoula Biov, Patapaa worked his words and created a rap that went viral. This is especially so because no one really understood what he was communicating. However, he delivered the rap nice and easy. His fans and critiques started the Skopatumana challenge in a bid to grasp the lyrics of the song while weighing their ability to deliver the song just as nice as Patapaa did. What started as a simple challenge has morphed into an international affair with local celebrities and Ghanian netizens from abroad taking part in the challenge.

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Kawoula Biov – Daavi Neba ft Patapaa (Prod. By Ofasco Ne Beat) description - Skopatumana

  • Released: April 3, 2019
  • Format: Video
  • Genre: Afro-pop, Afrobeat
  • Length: 3.12 minutes
  • Producer(s): Ofasco Ne Beat

April 3, 2019, earned Patapaa yet another stripe in his popularity profile. This time, it came in a simple yet effective way, through his Skopatumana verse in Kawoula Biov – Daavi Neba ft Patapaa song. Most of his fans admit they listen to the song because of this verse, to try and grasp what he is saying. Their curiosity spilt over into a challenge, which saw most of them produce amateur videos singing the Skopatumana verse.

Skopatumana, a creation of Patapaa’s fans from his rap verse has stolen the limelight from the Daavi Neba song itself. It has gained a life of its own separate from the song, with every Ghanaian netizen breathing life into the song through the challenge.

Even though most people do not really understand what Patapaa meant, the good vibes from the song and its mysterious yet rhythmic tune has everyone hooked to the verse. It has become almost irresistible not to participate in the Skopatumana challenge.

Patapaa - Skopatumana reviews and comments

Skopatumana has attracted different kinds of reaction from the public. Most of these reactions are positive. Some fans on YouTube admit to listening to the collaboration between Patapaa and Kawoula because of Skopatumana verse. Here is what fans had to say on youtube:

Pataapa song is a party song is only when you are drunk that you can understand and enjoy his music @Marilu Maxx Million
Whether you like it or not you will surely repeat the track @Nii
Is either Patapaa leave's this country or we leave the country for him alone. kwasia Ndwom saaaaa......Ad3n! @Revdoctor Kobby
Patapaa's verse in this song will win him a Grammy... Damn @Ransphier Asihene
So apparently the guy wants an ewe girl but can't speak the ewe language so he tells patapaa to talk to the girl for him and that's all those " bars" he's giving @Executive 1
Patapaa is a national asset Ghana needs to protect him @Instagram: Nessapoko

On Twitter and Instagram, things are not any different. Fans pour their heart out in support of Patapaa’s verse. Some of these reactions are funny to read and watch in case of tweets, and videos respectively. Here are some of the comments and video reactions on twitter and Instagram:

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This is proof that Skopatumana has gone international

This guy got it right from the start.

No one was left behind on the challenge.

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Truth be told, Patapaa is a genius. He understands his craft better than anybody and executes his lyrical might with swag. His ability to charm his way into peoples heart with talent alone is legendary. He did it with one corner, and he is doing it again with Spokatumana.

Patapaa - Skopatumana lyrics

Skopatumana lyrics has been hard to crack for most. It is for this reason we have gone out of our way to get you the best lyric.

till patu pataa

skoska to mana

till da pop dada

sko pa to mana

filo di si dadaa

kati don panpana

ma don go don

ma ga da zen zen

na dan bam badan

ko danko kedo

kra po aba

tsu seyy

Kawoula Biov – Daavi Neba ft Patapaa (Skopatumana) download

You can stream and download Skopatumana mp3 and video using the following sites:

  • Kawoula Biov (Prod. By Ofasco Ne Beat) download YouTube

Patapaa – Skopatumana is a hit. The speed with which this verse went viral is quite remarkable. It is however not surprising owing to the fact that the verse has the mysterious lyrics and good rhythm. If you have not yet heard the song, you need to plug in and ride the wave.


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