Who is Samantha Rotunda, Bray Wyatt Ex-Wife?

Who is Samantha Rotunda, Bray Wyatt Ex-Wife?

One of the most exciting television shows in the world is WWE. Among all the faces one has seen fighting in the ring, am pretty sure you have come across that of Windham Lawrence Rotunda. Who is? Well, he goes by the ring name Bray Wyatt. I can now bet his face rings a bell. Not only might his name ring a bell but am sure you have seen a beauty by his side by the name Samantha Rotunda.

Samantha Rotunda

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In this article, we will take a look at the bio of the beauty Samantha Rotunda. We will discuss her age, her personal life, her net worth, and finally give you the answer you have all been waiting for; Is Samantha and Bray Wyatt still together?

Samantha Rotunda profile summary

  • Full name: Samantha c. Krieger
  • Nickname: Sam
  • Profession: Realtor
  • Children: Kendyl and Cadyn
  • Ex-husband: Windham Lawrence Rotunda (Bray Wyatt)
  • Online Presence: Instagram, Facebook

Samantha Rotunda bio

One thing that you will note with this elegant lady is that she is private. Despite having been married to one of the most familiar faces in television today, Samantha has managed to live a secretive life. However, this does not mean we do not know one or two things about her. We certainly do. The reserved yet elegant beauty was raised in El Paso, Texas and Highland Falls, New York. She attended Troy University in Troy Alabama.

While pursuing her university education, Rotunda developed a passion for playing golf. She was a member of the Women’s Golf Team. Samantha continues to play this intriguing sport in local tournaments that support great organizations. After college, Krieger relocated to Florida and worked a few jobs till deciding to settle down to raise her two young girls Kendyl and Cadyn.

The mother of two is currently a realtor at Southern Belle Realty Inc Since she is such a loyal and driven lady, it is evident that she will take the real estate market by storm.

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Samantha Rotunda Bray Wyatt relationship

Samantha Krieger and Windham Lawrence were high school sweethearts. It is no surprise that most teenage love evolves to marriage. After all, it is hard to extinguish such hot love. The evolution of high school love to marriage is precisely what happened with these two love birds. The high school love birds made it official on 16 February 2012 when they both said I do. Krieger and Windham had two children together before Samantha went ahead to file for a divorce on March 2017.

Like most other relationships on the verge of crumbling, the mother of two pointed out that the reason for the filing of divorce was Windham’s affair with the WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman. Offerman is the daughter of the former professional baseball player by the name Jose Offerman. When Samantha first came out to her husband with the cheating allegations, Rotunda’s first move was to file for a counter-claim. The counter-claim was pleading for an injunction that could keep his wife quiet about their split.

Windham’s defense was that Krieger had made defamatory statements that could potentially ruin the reputation of Bray. On June 2017, Windham and Samantha went their ways after splitting. So, for fans asking is Samantha and Windham are still together, the answer is no. Rotunda made his relationship with Offerman public on September 2018. The two have been dating since then to date.

Recently on March 2019, JoJo announced her pregnancy through her Instagram account and went further to note that she was due in June, and she and Lawrence would call their son Knash.

Samantha Rotunda accusations of Bray Wyatt

There is always a belief in most Doubting Thomases’s that WWE performances follow a script. While this remains open in the air, the truth of the matter is that their personal life is as real as it comes. When Rotunda first came out in September 2017 accusing Wyatt of spending $ 11, 000 on what she termed as “non-necessary items,” most viewers thought this was another episode of the script.

Bray was indeed spending so much money on insignificant items, rather than paying Samantha her spousal and child support. Considering the wild nature of Wyatt, the beauty demanded that Lawrence pay her $15, 000 per month in respect of those amounts. Samantha was very adamant about Lawrence paying her spousal and child support, and this resulted in so many hearings in court.

Samantha Rotunda, Bray Wyatt Ex-Wife

Image: instagram.com, @adriana_wyatt
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After attending multiple hearings over time, the former high school love birds were forced to participate in family practice in Tampa, Florida for mediation.

Samantha Rotunda Instagram

If you are a follower of Rotunda, one thing that you will note is that she values her family. She has taken and posted multiple pictures of her with her children, and her complete family including Bray Wyatt. It goes to mean that the love she has for her family is excellent. However, this feeling of having a perfect family came to a halt when she discovered Wyatt was cheating on her. It left her not sad but also heartbroken.

When most people are heartbroken, they turn to the only place they know they can acquire solace in the comfort of their fans. It is precisely the case with Samantha Rotunda. After her separation with her ex-high school lover Bray Wyatt, she took to her Instagram account to post one of the most heartbreaking messages of all time.

In the post, Krieger recounts that Windham was once her world. However, she laments that Lawrence chose to hurt her and their girls. For this, Samantha states that Windham hurt her to the core and one day he will realize the damage he did. After scrolling through her family photo posts and then reading this post, your eyes will be teary with a face like a wet weekend and down in the mouth.

The excellent news is Rotunda also uses her Instagram account to help potential clients looking for a home to find a home in Florida.

Although most people may know her as the ex-wife of the WWE superstar Bray Wyatt and the mother of his two children, Samantha Rotunda has made her name for herself in the Florida real estate business. She is a famous realtor at the Southern Belle Realty Inc. If you are looking for a realtor down at Florida, then you need to contact Samantha Rotunda immediately.

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