Who is Melissa Heholt, J. Cole's wife? Detailed Bio Here

Who is Melissa Heholt, J. Cole's wife? Detailed Bio Here

In the hip hop industry, it is quite easy to familiarize with the wives of rappers such as Jay Z, Dr. Dre, T.I., Snoop Dogg, and Eminem. However, it is tough to know the wife of the American rapper behind the hit albums 2014 Forest Hills Drive and 4 Your Eyez Only. The rapper behind these albums is the dashing J.Cole. J.Cole is one private rapper who tends to keep his personal life on the low making most people speculate who his wife is. His wife is the elegant Melissa Heholt.

Melissa Heholt
Image: instagram.com, @realljcole
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Throughout this article, we will look at the biography of Melissa Heholt, her age, profession, husband, and finally tell you if she has kids or not. Even more fascinating is that we will notify you what this camera shy beauty is doing to maintain her escalating net worth.

Profile summary of Melissa Heholt

  • Full names: Melissa Heholt
  • Nicknames: Melissa
  • Siblings: Three
  • Profession: Event Planner
  • Spouse: Jermaine Lamar Cole (J. Cole)
  • Social media presence: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Melissa Heholt bio

Little is known about the childhood and early life of this pretty event manager. However, there are a few details that she has exposed and we are glad to share them with you. Heholt is the oldest sister to her three siblings. She went to St. John’s University in Queens New York, where she met her stunning future husband; Grammy Award and BET Hip-Hop Award winner J. Cole. The two were in a long distance relationship for what we can call decades. Their love signifies what most people would call the price of waiting for your one true love.

Being the eldest brought about her nurturing capabilities making her acquire the desire to be a teacher after completing her high school education. After teaching for a while, she decided to switch up her career path. In addition to having an M.S. degree in elementary education, Heholt also a bachelor’s degree in health administration.

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If all the wives of American rappers were to line up, Melissa Heholt would stand out from the rest due to her beauty and well-contoured physique. She defies beauty and would break all the gauges used to measure her good looks. The elegant lady has a passion for event planning. It began in her tender age and only developed with time. After discovering that she could focus on event planning as a career, she jumped into it without hesitation.

Eventually, in 2014, she opened an events planning company by the name Statice Events. Over time, the company expanded from wedding planning to more intimate event-planning experiences. Her passion and dedication are some of the significant factors that are leading Statice Events to its success. There is a belief that Melissa operates a very inclusive business, which entails involving her clients in the planning team.

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By looking at Melissa’s career, one thing we can all grasp is there is joy in doing what you love. No feeling tops the idea of making money from doing something you love, rather than being forced to do something you do not want to do. If you are looking to venture in business, follow the steps of the owner of Statice Events and formulate a company from what you love doing.

J Cole and Melissa Heholt

Unlike most wives of moguls such as Jay Z who are also in the music industry, this, however, is not the case with the wife of Jermaine Lamar Cole. The fact that she is another field leaves most of Jermaine’s fans wondering where and how they met. Similarly, since Jermaine is one of the most respected rappers in America, most of his supporters are always wondering who caught the eye of this good-looking singer, songwriter, and record producer.

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One thing that stands out when you are listening to the songs and albums of Jermaine Lamar is the authenticity and message his rap contains. The realness brings most of his fans to wonder who is behind all this creativity since the belief is, behind every successful man, there is also a successful woman. The wife of this KOD album hitmaker is the one and only beautiful event manager Melissa Heholt.

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The two celebrity love birds met while they were attending St John’s University. Although there are no confirmations whether the two were studying in the same year, there is a confirmation that the two however did not major in the course they were studying for in the university. Like his wife who dropped teaching for event planning, Lamar also made a career turn where he decided to venture into music, rather than pursuing a job in Communication and Business.

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J. Cole's wife
Image: instagram.com, @thegossipchain
Source: Instagram

Both J Cole and Melissa Heholt are very private people. It is tough to see the two filling the timelines of their admirers, unlike other celebrities. After all, not many people were even aware that the two were married. They have made it a crystal clear that they will continue to keep their details from the public. However, since Lamar is so up close and real with his fans and continually rapping about his life through his music, we speculate that he may one day reveal more details about the couple’s life.

The Dreamville Foundation

The Dreamville Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which Jermaine established in October 2011. Helping him manage this charity initiative is his lovely wife, Melissa. Even before explaining the role of the charity organization, it is evident that Melissa and her husband are philanthropists and would go miles to help those in need. The Foundation aims at conducting various philanthropic activities in Fayetteville, North Carolina such as organizing ‘Back To School Supply Giveaways’ to cater to the needs of school children.

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Melissa Heholt net worth

Having a husband like the iconic rapper and songwriter makes most fans assume that one’s net worth is not only high but also unbeatable. Besides that, since Melissa has a successful company (Statice Events) and is also an executive director of The Dreamville Foundation, it is no surprise to find her fans coming to conclusions that she has a massive net worth.

The thing is this event manager is very secretive. Due to this, it is very tough to point out what where her net worth lies as of 2019. However, her very much loved husband by fans has a net worth of $35 million as of 2019.

Melissa Heholt daughter

After the 2011 debut studio album of Jermaine known as the Cole World: The Sideline Story, his fans were left eager to see him as a father since he spits lyrics on growing up in a fatherless household, and also issues such as abortion. Half of his fans believe he has a daughter while the other half thinks he has a daughter. In May 2018, he cleared the air by stating that he and Melissa have a son together.

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Since Melissa Heholt is already making a name for herself not only in Fayetteville North Carolina with The Dreamville foundation but also throughout the country with her Statice Events Company, fans can only wait what she holds for the future.

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