10 Most shocking Afia Schwarzenegger videos and quotes

10 Most shocking Afia Schwarzenegger videos and quotes

If you are familiar with Afia Schwarzenegger videos, you know quite well that she does not filter her words to please anyone. She is forthright and unapologetic, and she says things as she sees them. No sugar coating. She has made several shocking videos that will make anyone think twice before crossing her. She is daring, and does not fear controversies. If you thought you have seen everything she has to offer, then you should look at these videos and read these quotes to know that she is not yet done.

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From insulting fake prophets over the death of NDC's Dr. Kwabena Adjei to pulling naked catwalks, Afia Schwarzenegger videos come raw, and as natural as a video can get. Clearly, she has nothing to hide - pun intended, and no apologies to make. Good thing is, her fans love her for who she is. Tell me, who can not love Afia Schwarzenegger. Pu aside everything that you are doing, grab a soft drink, and have the best 20 minutes of your life with 10 most shocking Afia Schwarzenegger videos and quotes. Remember to leave your comments, in the comment section below with quotes from this bubbly comedian.

1. Afia Schwarzenegger insulting fake pastors

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From her videos and reactions to daily life issues the question Afia Schwarzenegger age might cross your mind. Relax, she is old enough to give you right advice, and form opinions about life from her perspective. In this video, she responds the best way she knows how to pastors who undermine her credibility and downplay her worthiness as a respectable member of the society. Though, her sentiments did not go well with a section of Ghanians, she still made her thoughts known quite well.

2. Afia Schwarzenegger names gay pastors

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This video was uploaded on Afia Schwarzenegger tv YouTube on March 24, 2019. She, in her normal flair, cracked her fans while naming gay pastors in Ghana. Some of her diehard fans on YouTube could not hide their joy as they commented about the video on the comment section. This is what some had to say:

If you are really smart you would know she has mentioned a name Hahaha Not drawing conclusions but you should know @Duah Agyemang
what camera was used to shoot the video ...damn that isht lit @nord 32
Hahahahahahahaha Afia will kill meooooo agyei @Eva Ankrah

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3. Afia Shwarzenegger admits to pay for pleasure

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Would you publicly admit to have done something in private that should be kept private? Afia Schwarzanegger thinks different. She admitted, in an interview, to pay male prostitutes to work on her privates. Shocking, right? Well, that's Afia, she tells it as she sees it. You can look her up on Afia Schwarzenegger Instagram to get more of her life.

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4. Afia Schwarzenegger accepts to having cheated

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If you though the previous video is shocking, then listening to this. Afia really understands the importance of publicity, whether negative or positive, she makes the most out of it. Listen in, and leave your comment below.

5. Afia Schwarzenegger caught husband toying with his third leg

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Afia admitted to having caught her ex husband playing around with his third leg while watching pictures and videos of other women. Of course, this will make any woman mad, and Afia is no different. She said it without fear of contradiction knowing pretty well that what he did was not right for their relationship. Listen in for more.

6. Afia Schwarzenegger answers pastor about paying men for pleasure

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It is common knowledge that we need to take full responsibility for our actions. Well, when Afia was to put to the task, she explained her habit of paying men to li(k her pu$$y. She did not hold back anything when addressing pastors who were taking her to account over her acts. Ordinarily, very few women would do this but Afia is no ordinary woman. While some people were shocked, other found reasons to laugh, as Afia put matters in black and white.

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7. Afia Shwarzenegger catwalks naked

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You are probably wondering what Afia Schwarzenegger sons had to say about this. Well, no one really knows. However, what everyone knows now is Afia's sexy legs. In this video, the comedian treated her fans to a free fashion show, when she cat walked in her under pant, crop top, and heels. On a lighter note, would it not be fun playing truth or dare with Afia? Of course, you will have to be on the same page with her on matters confidence.

8. Afia's video on Slay Queens eaten by Shatta's Godfather

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Give and take is a universal principle applied by people from all walks of life. Slay queens are a lot that profoundly understands this concept well. Afia went full throttle in this video naming all the slay queens Shatta Wale's Godfather has eaten. She is not holding anything back. Hold your breath as you listen to it, hoping that your 'slay' girlfriend is not among the girls mentioned here. Somehow, this video proves that the concept of polygamy has taken a new angle, one that is not so popular with everyone.

9. Afia teaches Kasoa sex position

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If this video will not shock you, then it will teach you something new. Afia in her usual antics goes wild. She shares a skill that, if used right, might mean everything for your relationship too. She, in a rather bold and unconventional manner, teaches Kasoa sex position.

10. Afia Schwarzenegger quotes

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In this video, Yen team put together three instances where Afia was quoted for her boldness in pursuit of what she thinks is right.

Whether it is Afia Schwarzenegger wikipedia or her tv episodes, you surely know she is lives life with her heart poured out. She holds nothing back and makes her life as interesting as she possibly can. These Afia Schwarzenegger videos are proof of her commitment to her craft. Some might disagree with her unconventional public opinions and dismiss her just as quick as they hear her name. However, those who love her, would not want to miss a thing about her life, from Afia Schwarzenegger twins to Afia Schwarzenegger whitehusband, literally everything.


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