15-year-old Emmanuel Frank builds excavator with wood, syringe and drip set
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15-year-old Emmanuel Frank builds excavator with wood, syringe and drip set

It is rare for young people to discover their talent early enough, but Hope Frank realized at a very early age that he could construct heavy machines including excavator and tipper with wood, syringe and drip set.

Hope Emmanuel Frank, 15, has caught the attention of international media and their lenses have captured his extraordinary excavator built with wood, syringe and drip set.

The young construction genius says when people chance on him operate his excavator and tipper they become surprise.

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And the fascinating sight of seeing such master creative works by a young boy urges people to express benevolence by giving him money.

He said he uses the money to buy construction materials and other others for his creative works.

Born in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria, Frank Emmanuel began construction at an early age. At only 13 Hope discovered he could construct heavy lifting machines when he was trying his hands some construction designs.

He first attempted contracting an excavator and he started by building the skeleton and the flex. But that wasn’t enough.

The real challenge was how to get the excavator to move. He had to come with a genius idea to get master creative piece to work.

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Hope said he ‘’had to use a drip set to replace the horse in the real escavotor and the syringe is the booming.’’

Another wonder he designed was the tipper remote which he revealed that he ‘‘used a changeover switch for the front and back.’’

Hope relied on damaged laptop batteries as his source energy to power the tipper.

He also disclosed that he wants to become one of the world’s greatest inventors.

For his next project, Hope says he’ll be working on a functioning payloader and an helicopter that will fly using a wireless remote.

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