Stonebwoy-Hero video, mp3, lyrics and facts

Stonebwoy-Hero video, mp3, lyrics and facts

Stonebwoy-Hero is a dancehall hit with a catchy tune that gets everyone hooked. It entertains, while inspiring. In a world where troubles come often, it is wise to keep your spirits high. This song does just that. It has the typical dancehall/riddim video - simple yet effective, and a great audio that gets everyone on their feet, ready to dance. Stream and download Stonebwoy Hero here, while going through its lyrics.

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Hero is a 2 minutes and 57 seconds song with a hook that will not let you break for a sip of water. This energetic song infects you with good vibes, thus raising your spirits to great levels. It motivates and encourages you to believe in yourself and focus on being the best version of yourself no matter the critiques you might get.

In his usual flair, Stonebwoy focused on the quality of content with the aim of empowering his audience. When you listen to the song very well, you will nod to the affirmative that indeed, his goal was effortlessly met.

Stonebwoy-Hero (Prod. by Street Beatz) description

  • Released: October 29, 2017.
  • Format: Audio/Video
  • Genre: Riddim/Dancehall
  • Length: 2 minutes 57 seconds
  • Label: Zylofon Music
  • Director: ABASS
  • Producer(s): Street Beatz

Stonebwoy-Hero reviews and comments

Stonebwoy Hero official video is of great quality. Though simple, ABASS - the director did a great job on this piece. The choice of shooting site is great and the props in the video make it more relatable. Given that this genre of music is arguably consumed mainly by middle and lower income earners, every detail of the video is well though out to the end. On a scale of 1 to 10, Stonebwoy Hero video will easily score a 7. Let us know what you think on the comment section below.

The song's audio is great. It comes out clearly, with each instrument projecting its best sound. In addition to this, the audio has been worked on quite well to be used in any device.

Fans had something to say on YouTube. These are some of the best comments that you will find under this song.

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I started playing in this song in my car and my neighbors was like damn who’s that the song is so dope.I was like that’s the legendary stonebowy from Ghana @Young B
Bullet chop unuh head away. Hide an seek gangsta fraid ah weh. Although we HUMBLE dread ah we . Lyrics chop off to bloodclat #Bhim Nation is the safest #Hero @Obed Bhim Burniton
The only one thing i like stonebwoy is that he is the only one Ghana dancehall artist who only use a good patoa in his tune wan luv stone much love from #JAMAICA @Chuku Chaka
Inded your a Strong Hero jah bless you they cant kill a Hero never as Jah is allwas there no One can kill our Hero i was Waiting for the viedeo well done my King at the same Time Hero❤❤❤❤long life @Haruna Skygee
The KING of kings is on it again and I SWEAR they can't kill we till jah end our life. Bhimmmmmm you are sent FROM GOD for us @Desmond Adam's
Literally, Stonebwuoy is the kinda Music Artist Mama Ghana has been blessed with. We love u bro .. keep the good work up. @Edwyn Spino

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Stonebwoy-Hero (Prod. by Street Beatz) lyrics

Stonebwoy Hero full lyrics is not only poetic but also carries weight in terms of message. Stonebwoy was deliberate in his choice of words, which led him to an inspirational music that has everyone shaking their body, while engaging their minds all at once. This lyrics touch the soul as it addresses the day to day challenges. Read it while listening to the song. This always makes things interesting.

The almighty streetbeatz

stibidi bambambaii

Dem don know who dem a deal with

Wo yo yi

Spiritually man tougher than dem

Physically I'm badder than dem

oh non a dem cyan test

See a pull a tie

Stonebwoy dey ask dem

A who, dem a who dem a who dem a try to kill

Who, dem a who dem a who dem a try to kill

I'm protected, man a untouchable ya

If i die today e e e, if i die today e e e

I'm a hero, I'm a hero

Tell dem i man a hero

From zero up to hero

Arrbwoy wan stand as a hero

I me see dem a mass a batty wiper

Dem a mi t-roll

You don know the thing go

Unu sit claim mi ano hater dem never equal

Im so deeper never shallow

I come to pave way for the rest of dem for follow

If i die today e e e, if i die today e e e

I'm a hero, I'm a hero

Dem must fi tell me a who send dem

A who send dem

Father God ago fish dem out

And we ago end dem, we ago burn dem, bhim bhim

Dem see me as a treat

Murder alert to the propaganda pon dy beast never real

I man a dey DJ's artiste from Ashiaman that ever boast to the world

See me ano see me failure ano fi mi

Non a unu badmind cyan hola wha Jah gi mi

Me see dem a mi low dem cyan fool me

cyan fool me no no

If i die today e e e, if i die today e e e

I'm a hero, I'm a hero

Longtime man a ragga ragga ragga

When mi name call fiffty thousand men gather

Go add cold cotton with a sharp dagger

who you is a man come face the real dondadon

Pull it up una Head Away

Hide and seek youngster fraid a weh

All know sah we humble trade away

Violate and you dead straight away

Dem a who, dem a who dem a who dem a try to kill

Who, dem a who dem a who dem a try to kill

I'm protected, man a untouchable ya

If i die today e e e, if i die today e e e

I'm a hero, I'm a hero


Stonebwoy hero mp3 download

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Stonebwoy-Hero (Prod. by Street Beatz) download

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Stonebwoy-Hero is a great tune. If you are familiar with dancehall music, you will know it does not come any better than this. As a Ghanaian, Stonebwoy always surpasses everyone's expectations and delivers the best content imaginable. Look for some friends, and listen to this song together, it always sounds better when you are in company of friends.


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