Welcome to the world of superb Ghanaian drivers who do not have two healthy legs

Welcome to the world of superb Ghanaian drivers who do not have two healthy legs

Some Ghanaian men are driving despite the fact that they have no limbs, and thanks to a new feature, YEN.com.gh has come to know their story and thus celebrating them.

Conventionally, driving is known as something we do with both our feet and hands but in a new feature sighted by YEN.com.gh, some men in Ghana have come to be known as limbless drivers.

These persons with disabilities in the legs in Ghana are now driving, accelerating and hitting the brakes all with the use of their hands, according to a Starrfm.com.gh report.

Johnson Nyamekye, one of such men, is a project manager with the Jachie Training School, for the disabled. Nyamekye drives a hand-controlled Hyundai SUV.

His car has been adapted with hand controls that allow him to accelerate and apply the brakes from the side of his steering wheel.

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Nyamekye cannot walk but with the support of a long walking stick, he demonstrated how it was possible for him to move the car almost effortlessly.

Nyamekye was quoted as saying: “It works so perfectly. The strength you use for your legs if you compare it with using your hands, it’s so soft so you don’t need all your strength to push it as people have been mingling with their legs in driving.”

Ahmed, another physically-challenged man, adapted his first vehicle in the year 1999 to suit his handicap after he was trained as an orthopaedic engineer.

He is excited that through his efforts, over 30 persons with disability in their legs can drive safely without a single record of an adapted vehicle getting involved in an accident.

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“We saw the need for us to drive our own vehicles so we started trying our hands on a few innovations and we kept trying till it worked. We have seen imported ones but we are the only place where we start working from the scratch; we go to the scrap yard and pick materials one by one, we manufacture it and come out with a product like this," Ahmed said.

More and more people in Ghana, according to the report, are successfully adapting their vehicles to suit their inabilities. In some parts of the advanced world, car makers are already making cars for challenged individuals.

It is the hope that through the efforts of the few physically-challenged but brave persons, a lot more of Ghana's close to 1 million persons with limb disability will find need for driving because they can.

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