B4Bonah songs and albums

B4Bonah songs and albums

West African music has a unique style that makes it stand out from music of the rest of Africa. Nigerian and Ghanaian artists have joined energies to make sure that the region is well represented. Most artists have come up with new styles that are earning them a position in the flooded industry. One such artist is B4Bonah. If you have not heard of him, then it would be prudent of you to listen to B4Bonah song and albums.

B4Bonah songs and albums
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B4Bonah is one of the youngest artists in the industry. He has, however, produced several hits. Four years into the industry, he was already on the headlines of most media stations for his exemplary work. What has made his brand grow even more is the fact that he has been ready to work with an established artist. One of the big brands that he has collaborated is Sarkodie and King Promise. B4Bonah songs and albums are proof of his hard work and resilience in the industry.

B4Bonah music

B4Bonah is one of the artists who has had good breaks in the industry. He got into music in 2015 and was signed to a recording label called MimLife, which has nurtured his skill and helped him grow to where he is right now. He has also done collaborations with prominent artists like Sarkodie, who have been of significant impact to him, especially for fetching him more fans.

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B4Bonah albums

For the four years that the artist has been in the industry, he has managed to release an album that has performed perfectly well. The title of his album is called Prono St (Bz Tape) . the collection has six songs, which you can download on this site.

B4Bonah songs

B4Bonah is one of the artists that are passionate about his musical career. He has invested a fortune in his career. The quality of videos that the artist releases are evidence of this. His music, too, is of high quality. For the time that he has been in the industry, the artist has managed to release the following top-selling hits;

1. B4Bonah x Zodivc - FIT (Official Video)

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Do you ever listen to a hit and fall in love with the quality of beats in the song, regardless of whether you understand the message in the song or not. That is what this hit is all about. The mood in the song speaks more about the message that the artist intends to put across. The hit is among the best B4Bonah songs 2018 that are performing perfectly well. It has so far accumulated close to eleven thousand views on YouTube, within a span of six months. How awesome is this.

2. B4Bonah - Dear God remix feat. Sarkodie

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B4Bonah is one of the artists whose style is unpredictably unique. Dear God is one of such songs. The Ghanaian hit boasts of the best beats. The latter’s voice while rapping blends perfectly with the deep beats in the single. The transition in rapping speed from B4Bonah’s style to Sarkodie’s technique makes the song more authentic. Were it not for the beats; you probably would not have noticed that the hit is African. The song is not even two years old on YouTube and has already garnered close to one hundred and eighty thousand views on YouTube.

3. B4Bonah - Devil Is A Liar remix ft M.anifest

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Devil is a liar is one of the B4Bonah songs that have earned the artist fame. The song comes in another style, depicting the artist’s diversity when it comes to the beats in this song. The hype in the high-quality music video highlights the author’s zeal in his music.

4. B4Bonah - My Girl ft. King Promise

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If you are an Afrobeat fanatic, My Girl is the smasher that will convince to be a fan of B4Bonah. The contrast in the depth of King Promise’s and the latter’s voice is all you could ever ask for. Forget about the rap that B4Boah does, because he gives his best foot when it comes to his music. The quality of the video too is impressive. The song has gathered close to three hundred thousand views on YouTube, yet it is one year and some few months old.

5. B4bonah - Higher ft. Kelvinbwoy

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Higher is another work by the artist. The hit highlights the artist’s growth process. The song has a unique style, especially since it is a mix of rap and dancehall. The high graphics in the three minutes and thirty-four-second hit are so attractive and cannot go without being noticed. This is one of the singles that the artist did during his first year in the career. Funny enough, the song did not disappoint him. Instead, it earned him more than fifty thousand views on YouTube.

6. Strongman - Monster ft. B4Bonah

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Imagine African lyrics in trap beats, how awesome is that. The depth in the beats is one to die for, especially if you are a fan of trap music. Forget about the beats, the rap in the song will leave you questioning whether the artists behind the hit are African or not. The run is barely one year old and has accumulated more than seventy-six thousand views on YouTube.

7. B4Bonah - Adom Bi ft. Yaa Pono

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Imagine working on an audio, and before you even think of recording a video for your hit, the song already has thousands of views within the first year of its release. This is what happened to this song. In as much as the song is in Ghanaian, the rap in the song makes it sound as though the single were an English. The audio of the song has so far accumulated more than six thousand views on YouTube.

8. B4Bonah - Wake Up feat. Kelvinbwoy

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If you are a real hip hop fan, you will understand how awesome this hit is. The beats in the song are enough to keep the song on replay mode. The single has more than fourteen thousand views on YouTube.

B4Bonah is one of the youngest and most resilient artists. He has majored in a genre that is so flooded. However, within the four years that he has been in the industry, he has had significant influence. He has been releasing one hit after another and B4Bonah songs and albums are the reason why he is becoming a household name.


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