Attractive young woman rubbishes Christianity and defends why she is now a traditionalist

Attractive young woman rubbishes Christianity and defends why she is now a traditionalist

A Nigerian woman who says she is no more a Christian has explained what she regrets about her time as a Christian and said she did all of that because she was brainwashed. has sighted a Facebook post of a young Nigerian woman, Purity Nick, who has boldly rejected Christianity in order that she may follow what she says are her "roots".

What makes this story worthy of note is that although freedom of religion theoretically exists in many African countries, it is rare to see people rubbishing the most popular religion in their countries.

Purity Nick did not however mince words when she wrote: "My greatest regret in life was:

1: Ever going to church

2: Ever rejecting my root

3: Ever believing that there is a mansion up there for me oh please

4: Ever believing that there is a man up there that will someday come and take me

5: Ever believing in your Jesus Christ

6: Ever believing that Oku Mmuo is hell fire, how can hell fire be Oku Mmuo ?

All brainwash”

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As could have been speculated, some who responded to Purity Nick's post claimed that her soul was in danger of eternal damnation.

Promzy Unique wrote: "Regret never start Till u smell hell fire, then u realise that this same Jesus is the one and only saviour. But I pray he encounters you."

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It is not known if Purity Nick is just a provocateur lashing out at an established religion in her native Nigeria or that she is genuinely switched to being a traditionalist.

Whatever it is, Nigeria's religious freedom and its defenders may do well to protect her.

Source: Yen

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