Everything you need to know about the mass registration of the Ghana Card

Everything you need to know about the mass registration of the Ghana Card

The nationwide mass registration of the Ghana card officially began on Monday, April 29, 2019. Every citizen of Ghana, whether living in the country or abroad, is required to be in the National Identification System. All citizens, including the newborn babies, are entitled to have the Ghana card, which is generally a national ID. The aim of issuing these cards is to provide ease and convenience when going about activities in civil society institutions, public organizations, and also private sector entities.

Ghana Card
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The application procedure is quite simple and may slightly vary for citizens living abroad, and also for the people living with disabilities. It is necessary for an applicant to appear in person for the registration. Additionally, the registration time is scheduled to be from 7 am to 5 pm daily. However, public holidays are exempted.

Who is eligible for the Ghana card registration?

For clarity purposes, below are the categories of people that can register for the card:

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  • Everyone with any form of Ghanaian citizenship.
  • All Ghanaian persons over the age of zero.
  • Every Ghanaian, regardless of current residence.

Requirements for the registration

An applicant must appear in person for their registration to take place.

Provision of personal information such as name, place of birth, digital address code, date of birth, and residential address.

Collection of fingerprints and scanning of the iris. A photograph of the applicant will also be taken, among any other required details.

Ghana Card
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Names, places of birth, and address dates of parents.

Information on spouse and next of kin. The details that will be required for these categories are their full names, nationality, hometown, and addresses. For those with more than one spouse, they will be issued with a supplementary list.

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Applicants are expected to present any primary verification document which includes a birth certificate, valid passport, or a certificate confirming acquired citizenship.

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Individuals in possession of I.D cards or documents such as NHIS, passport, voter card, Tin, or a license must carry them along for harmonization of data to occur.

Requirements for the first-time applicants

  • Personal appearance of the applicant to any of the Ghanaian registration officials.
  • Digital address of the individual.
  • Original birth certificate or a copy.
  • Original naturalization certificate or a copy.
  • Original Ghanaian passport.

How is the registration process of the Ghana card done?

The mass registration of this card entails three major steps as stated below:

Step 1

A trained registration official fills out the required personal information that you provide to them on an application form.

Step 2

You will take the form to a Mobile workstation Operator. This professional will transfer your details from the application form to the computer.

Ghana Card
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Source: UGC

Step 3

Your photograph will be captured at the Mobile Registration workstation using a digital camera. You will then be required to sign on an electronic signature pad to confirm and finalize the procedure.

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Following the completion of these steps, you will be given an ID card collection receipt which you should keep very well as you will need it when collecting your card once it is processed and ready for use.

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Additional information required for registration

It is necessary to note that each applicant should be aware of the following details, and have the following documents at hand for a successful process.

No submission of details will occur if the applicant in question is absent. Therefore, you cannot register for someone else as their physical appearance is a necessity.

You need to know your residential address for accuracy purposes.

If you have the following documents, kindly remember to carry them with you:

  • Birth certificate
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • SSNIT registration number
  • Voter ID card

The Ghana card is a multi-purpose card that will provide the biometric identity of the holder for authentication and verification of physical and electronic transactions conducted in both private and public spaces. Therefore, ensure that you get yours as soon as you can as registration is expected to close on Saturday, July 6, 2019. Do not be left behind!

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