Isaac Dogboe latest fight: highlights, Isaac Dogboe's and his father's comment, public reaction

Isaac Dogboe latest fight: highlights, Isaac Dogboe's and his father's comment, public reaction

Isaac Dogboe latest fight with Emanuel Navarette had him lose his chance of reclaiming his former title as the Interim World Boxing Organization champion under super bantamweight. The Ghanaian boxer entered the boxing ring with high hopes of taking back his previous title but only to lose to the tall Mexican boxer Emanuel Navarette. The highly anticipated boxing match led to many fans reactions from Ghana and all over the world. The Ghanaian boxer's father was among the thousands who shared their sentiments concerning Isaac Dogboe lose. Isaac also went ahead to open up concerning the brutal defeat that has taken the social media with a storm.

Isaac Dogboe latest fight

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Isaac Dogboe latest fight has been the talk of the town in various television stations, social gatherings, and even social media platforms. If you are not familiar with the young Ghanaian fighter, then you must have been living under a rock. Isaac, who is popularly known by his nickname "The Royal Stone" fought his latest boxing match on 11 May 2019. Unlike other boxing fixtures, this was a rematch, as Isaac was yet again fighting against the mighty and tall Mexican boxer Emmanuel

The young Ghanaian born boxer had a clean slate of twenty consecutive wins that had him as the title holder of WBO super bantamweight title. It was until 8th December 2018 that "The Royal Stone" marked his first WBO title defeat to Emmanuel Navarette. Isaac Dogboe latest fight was dubbed as a "revenge match" as the Ghanaian fighter had once again come to face the Mexican boxer who took away his former WBO title. Sadly, Isaac was given a thorough beating that had his fans, family, and friends concerned about his health.

Isaac Dogboe's father reaction

Commenting through Joy Sports, the Ghanaian boxer's father, Paul, said that he would have a one on one in-depth talk with his son to give up the boxing career. This follows the disappointing performance and humiliating pin down by the vicious (27-1, 23Kos) tall Mexican boxer Emmanuel Navarrete in the Sunday 11 May 2019 boxing match held in Tucson, Arizona. He said, "I will not impose my will on him.

However, I think he has had enough. I want him to return to school and continue his course and take another path in life. We worked hard but were unsuccessful at overcoming Navarette."

Isaac’s feedback after the lose

Through his twitter account handle "@IssacDogboe," The boxer went ahead to thank his worldwide supporters and reported that his health was in good hands and that he will continue updating them on his plans. Through his tweet, he said,

Thanks to God for the gift of life and Thanks to all my supporters and loved once, I appreciate you all. Unfortunately, I came up short last night, but I'm in good health no serious injuries. Will keep you updated as to what the future holds for #TeamDogboe .Yours sincerely, #Neho.

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Fans' reactions

Various worldwide fans shared their love to the determined boxer who fought all the way to the last round. After posting his message in Twitter, a fan like “SavageGang” went ahead to comment,

Just let your Dad step aside and hire a better coach/ Trainer .. Your tactics ain’t working and Don’t think of quitting...Still Neho.

Hundreds of supporters went ahead to encourage the 24 year old Ghanaian boxer and declare their support for his future boxing career.

Issac Dogboe vs Emmanuel Navarrete fight highlights

Did you know that Isaac was defeated through around 12-knock out point by the dominant Mexican boxer? If you watched the match concerning Issac Dogboe latest fight video, you could agree with me that the final knock out was destined to occur quite earlier. Let us take an exclusive look in the bloody boxing rounds. From the beginning of the boxing match, several fans were entertained with the agility and bravery depicted by both contenders.

From the first three rounds of the intense boxing match, the 24-year-old boxer was on the receiving end of several mighty headshots that landed on his semi unprotected face like a hailstorm downpour. From the first to the third round, Isaac appeared to be in the verge of throwing the towel in, but his determination and excellent boxing experience had him hope to be the better fighter in each next round.

On the other hand, the 24-year-old Mexican boxer (Emmanuel Navarrete age) energy had greatly synced with his outspoken Mexican fans who were cheering and shouting on top of their voices in a sign of support. Seconds before the third round ended, Emanuel Navarette drove a sharp jab that almost had the Ghanaian boxer fall on his knees only to be saved by the bell ring.

In round number 4, the great Mexican boxer had raised the bar with a 40 percent to 10 percent power punch delivery against his opponent. Navarette dominated the round with many body punches that made him earn high points against Isaac. In the middle of the fourth round, Isaac lost his balance and fell down flat to the floor. Navarette took advantage of the instability of his opponent and executed perfect uppercuts that made him rule the round.

Dogboe started the fifth round with new energy that forced his Mexican opponent to block throughout the round. Dogboe managed to drill some significant body and headshots of which were blocked by his keen opponent. By the end of the round, The Ghanaian boxer had suffered severe eye injuries with visibly swollen eye bags. This was a significant setback as it hampered his vision. Even though, "the royal stone" was determined to fight to the end hence paving the way to the 6th round.

Round six video of Issac Dogboe latest fight YouTube video had Dogboe lean forward as he managed to make numerous body combination punches. Navarette managed to give Dogboe his strong left face punch followed by a right punch knockdown score that had the Ghanaian boxer falling only to hold to the ropes for support. The crowd responded with shouts and cheering as the referee had to count down to see if Dogboe was stable to continue with the fight. Dogboe made some attempts by fighting back only for the bell to end the 6th round.

Round seven started with Dogboe delivering some powerful body punches against the Mexican competitor as the fans enjoyed the fascinating stamina and die-hard spirit portrayed by Dogboe. The Mexican had a total of 44 power punches making him the man to beat. This continued to the 8th round

In round nine, most fans of the Ghanaian boxer panicked as Dogboe endured lethal continuous punches that openly laded deforming his face. This had the former WBO holder stumble and stagger around the boxing rings with only the ropes to support him as the vicious Mexican punch thrower mercilessly chased him.

Emmanuel finally pinned his opponent to the ropes and delivered long jabs given to his added height advantage. Surprisingly, Dogboe managed to squeeze in a big left jab that left a swelling mark on the Mexican eye. The jab almost had the entire fans in the Convention Center aghast.

In the 10th and 11th rounds, Dogboe eyesight suffered a significant injury that made him lose his guard and focus. "El Vaquero" took advantage of this by putting his long mighty left hand into work against the helpless Ghanaian fighter. By the time round 11 clocked in, Dogboe was a dead man walking as his injuries raptured with only his leg supporting him.

This made it easy for the Mexican fighter to finish the job by a continuous combo of uppercuts and body punches hence retaining his World Boxing Organization champion under super bantamweight as the 2019 champion.Emmanuel Navarrete record as the 2019 WBO champion has been maintained for the second year.

Isaac Dogboe latest fight was a 12 round fight that saw him lose to the Mexican boxer Emanuel Navarette. This was a revenge mission as the rematch was a perfect opportunity for the Ghanaian boxer to reclaim his WBO under super bantamweight belt. The Mexican boxer added advantage and strong left jabs made Isaac lose the match in what his father termed as a humiliating performance. On the other hand, fans continue praising the 24 year old former champion for his resilience.

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