Ghanaian policeman states 10 reasons why he would uphold superior ethics

Ghanaian policeman states 10 reasons why he would uphold superior ethics

For decades, Ghana’s police have couched an ill public image for the institution on the subject of bribery and corruption but Bitrim Jacob, a policeman is attempting to change this negative public perception.

In an attempt to change public perception about the Ghana Police Service regarding bribery and corruption, Bitrim Jacob, a policeman has shared a post via Facebook stating 10 reasons why he would uphold superior ethics at all times.

He took to his Facebook page to dissociate himself from the incessant practice of collecting bribes by colleague police officers while stating that the menace contradicts his Christian faith.

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Jacob explained that principles of the Christian faith remain his first priority although he is a policeman.

He stressed that he would not succumb to the ignoble practice of bribe-taking.

Bitrim Jacob listed ‘‘TEN REASONS WHY I WON'T TAKE BRIBE AS A POLICE ,’’ which include:

1. By GOD'S grace, I'm very much content with my salary.

2 Taking bribe might send an innocent person to prison.

3. Bribes are curses in disguise to me.

4. Bribe brings sickness, Bad luck and problems to the taker.

5. Bribe-taking will always cause the reoccurring of Crimes.

6. I will give an account to my creator when I die.

7. I respect myself, my job, my (I. G. P ) and my country.

8. I must be trusted in my uniform as a police officer.

9. I must be a role model to the upcoming ones who desire to be police officers in future.

10. GOD will judge me someday according to my deeds on earth.

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At a time when the public has little or no faith in officers of the Ghana police to uphold high ethical standards on the subjects of bribery and corruption, Jacob’s reasons could perhaps help change the negative perceptions people have of the Ghana police.

While this single act will have very little impact on people's personal experiences with the police, hopefully, Jacob's colleagues will take a line from his list of reasons why he will not take bribe to uphold superior ethics.

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