5 negative impacts of office romance

5 negative impacts of office romance

I’m sure you have come across the term “Office Romance” many times and I’m also sure many people have even experienced it.

Love is a beautiful thing and often we don’t choose who and where to fall in love. This could be at church, school or even at the workplace.

Reports suggest four out of every corporate worker might have been involved in an office romance in one way or the other.

However, dating or going out with a colleague at your workplace could sometimes be a very complicated thing to do.

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Below are five negative impacts of office romance:

1.      It could make you lose your job

You need to think twice before involving yourself in office romance because many companies do not permit it.

While you are always free to fall in love with whoever you want, you could end up losing your job if you do it at your workplace.

There are many companies or organisations that bar workers from getting into love relationships and you could lose your job if you defy such company rules.

2.      Breakups affect productivity

Another negative impact of office romance is that it often affects the productivity of those involved when there is a breakup.

Not only can it affect their mood and zeal towards work, it also sometimes put them in a position where they think more about the breakup than the work they have to do.

People react to breakups differently and, trust me, many do not usually take it well when they have to see the faces of their ex-boyfriends or girlfriends each day at work.

3.      It reduces professionalism

Professionalism is one of the required tenets of every effective organisation and is expected of every worker.

But once you have two colleague getting involved in an office romance, it ends up affecting their professionalism.

If it is between a boss and a subordinate, what happens is that the boss begins to make emotional and subjective decisions when his or her lover is involved.

And this could in turn affect the order and professionalism at the workplace.

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4.      Couples may be loyal to each other than the job

Office romance may be fun but one downside about it is that it could sway the attention and allegiance of the couple.

What this means is that the couple involved may tend to be more loyal to each other than the job they were employed to do.

They are likely to use work time to chat or may be seen openly kissing, and this does not bode well for the working environment.

5.      You could court dislike from work colleagues

Not everyone likes to see relationships being flaunted in front of them and office romance could really court dislike from your work colleagues.

This may sound funny, but the fact is that your colleague could hate you if you win the love of a lady he has also been eyeing.

Again just being loved may not enthuse everyone at your workplace so it’s best to keep your love life from work.

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