How do I get Ghana card? Step-by-step guide here

How do I get Ghana card? Step-by-step guide here

The government of Ghana has given a directive for citizens to acquire the Ghana card, which is expected to make it easier for one to access their details with ease. The card has a multiple of functions that it is expected to play. Before we get to the reasons why it is necessary for one to acquire it. It will be prudent of us to go through the guide on the registration process.

How do I get Ghana card? Step-by-step guide here

Source: UGC

The Ghana card is an identification document that the government intends to introduce to the citizens of the country. It is expected to provide access to the details of the holder, hence make it smoother for running of operations in the country. To add to it, there are instances where it will be mandatory for the cardholder to present it before they gain access to these services. This is all the information that you need to know about the registration process and the essence of the card.

What is the mission of the National Identification Authority?

How do I get Ghana card? Step-by-step guide here

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Source: UGC

The National Identification Authority, popularly known as NIA Ghana, is a body that operates under the mandate of the government, to issue national identification cards. The body also manages National Identification Systems (NIS). The body has the mandate of registering and issuing citizens of Ghana with national identification cards, called Ghana Cards. The body also has the responsibility of ensuring the security of the data that the users provide, and also ensure that the data can be accessed if need be.

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Ghana card registration requirements

The citizens of Ghana and the non-citizens are expected to comply with the National Identification System requirement of being registered and being given a national identity card. The card is issued to all people above the age of zero, living in the country, or those that live abroad but are Ghanaian citizens. All persons that hold the citizenship of Ghana and are also citizens to other countries are also required to register for the identification card.

Information required during the registration process

How do I get Ghana card? Step-by-step guide here

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During the registration process, the applicant should appear in person and provide the following information;

Personal information

The applicant is expected to provide the following information in the personal information category;

  • The official name
  • The date of birth and the birthplace
  • Their residential address
  • Their digital address code

Information about parents

For the information regarding their parents, the applicant is expected to give the following details;

  • The name of both parents
  • Their residential address
  • Their date and places of birth

Parental, spousal, and next of kin information

If you are a parent, someone’s husband or wife, or someone’s next of kin, you will be required to provide the following information;

  • The full name of the father’s child
  • The residential address of the father of the child
  • The nationality of the father of the child
  • The full name of the mother of the child
  • The residential address of the mother of the child
  • The nationality of the mother of the child
  • The name of the mother’s maiden
  • The name of the next of kin
  • The address of the next of kin

For cases where the applicant has more than one spouse, he or she is expected to provide details of the details of the other partners on the supplementary spousal list.

Application documents

How do I get Ghana card? Step-by-step guide here

Source: UGC

For an applicant to prove that they are Ghanaian citizens, they are expected to present the following verification documents during the registration process;

  • The birth certificate
  • A valid passport
  • The certificate of acquired citizenship


For the process to run smoothly, if you own any of these documents, you are advised to also bring it along;

  • NIA – DVLA (License)
  • NHIS
  • Passport
  • EC voter card
  • Tax (TIN)

The registration process

The process of registration is systematic. It involves the following steps;

  1. Filling in the personal information application form, which will be issued to the applicant by a registration official.
  2. Handing over the filled in personal information application form to the mobile registration workstation operator, who will transfer the details from the form to the computer.
  3. The registration officials will then take a digital photo fo the applicant using a digital camera. The photo will then be attached to the mobile registration workstation, and the applicant will be required to give their signature using an electronic signature pad.
  4. After completing this process, the applicant will be issued with a receipt or slip which they will be required to present upon collecting the card after it has been processed.

The details that an applicant would have provided will have to go through a strict verification and evaluation process to ensure that all the information provided by the applicant is accurate.

The uses of the Ghana National ID card

Apart from the personal information that an applicant will provide during the process of registration, there are other details like their digital addresses, which will be required. These details will make it easier for mobile operators to conduct the process of SIM re-registration with ease. That way, they will be able to merge the details of the applicant and verify whether they are credible.

The Ghana National ID card will also be required during the process of online passport application. Therefore, before you think of commencing on the process of passport application, you will be required to first, have the card.

The cad will also be used during the process of applying for a driver’s license. Owning the card will make it easier for data to be merged, and the license issued with ease. The card will synchronise details of the driver with those of the Vehicle Licensing Authority, to ascertain that the card owner is also the owner of the vehicle.

The card will also be used during shipping and clearing goods from all the ports of the country. All business persons who deal with imports and exports should brace themselves because their operations might be paralysed if they fail to obtain the card.

The card will also serve as an alternative identification document that a citizen can use for bank operations like opening a new account, and for all the banking transfers. It will be advantageous for a card owner to obtain a loan from the bank.

For job seekers, being in possession of the card will also serve as an added advantage, since the employers will easily access details of the job seeker. The employer will also have details on the kind of person they will be employing.

The process of acquiring the national ID card is nearly similar to that of acquiring a Ghana voters ID card. Applicants are, therefore, advised to be keen while providing their personal information.

The process of acquiring the Ghana card is as simple as that. Since the registration process has commenced, the government is urging the citizens to make a point of registering for the card.

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