The story of Asiakwa teacher killed over snails

The story of Asiakwa teacher killed over snails

The story of Asiakwa teacher who was murdered a few days ago has raised controversy in the country. The murder, which at first, seemed to be twisted is slowly being revealed and the events that relate to it being brought to the open. So far, the six suspects who are related to the killing have been brought to book.

The story of Asiakwa teacher killed over snails

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The murder of teachers in Ghana is slowly becoming an alarming issue. What started as a puzzle is gradually being solved, and the family and friends of the Asiakwa teacher who was brutally murdered by youths are slowly getting closure on the events that led to the murder. So far, it has been alleged that the teacher was killed over a confrontation that involved snails. You might want to know more about the murder.

Who was Asiakwa teacher?

The late Asiakwa teacher, Mr George Somuah Bosompem, was a teacher at the Salvation Army Basic School in Asiakwa in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The brutal murder of the teacher has caused a lot of uproar in the region, with fellow teachers condemning the killing. Other teachers have even threatened to request for transfers from the region, as a way of sharing in the grief if the teacher's demise.

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How was Asiakwa teacher murdered?

Asiakwa region, located on the Eastern parts of was hit by a sombre mood after a fifty-seven old teacher at Asiakwa Salvation Army Junior High School was killed. The brutal murder of Mr. George Kwabena Bosompem Somuah. The reason behind his death is what has been controversial. The past week has been filled with a range of activities, trying to join the dots on the reasons behind his murder. The investigations have alleged that the teacher was killed over snails.

According to reports that came out first, it was alleged that a group of youths killed the teacher. The reason for his murder is said to resulted from a confrontation that the teacher had gotten himself into after he warned the youths against defecating on the compound the school.

However, a colleague of the late came out recently to refute the claims. He said that that was not the conditions for the murder. The colleague teacher who asked that his identity be concealed, claimed that the killing was a revenge mission that came about after a confrontation over snails.

According to the report by the colleague of the late, the youths who are linked to the murder are said to have trespassed to the school's snail farm. The activities that the youths were engaging in is what caught the attention of the teacher. The youths were engaging in promiscuous activities and doing drugs.

The late is said to have, raised an alarm, and the police responded. The youths were arrested, but released. Some leaders got into the matter, and the youths were not charged. Instead, they were made to pay for the snails that they had interfered with.

This flow of events caused fury among the youths. They, therefore, made a resort to avenge. According to reports, the teacher was hit on the back twice, a move that later on, ended his life. According to a narration by one of the family members of the teacher, the deceased, was on his way to deliver money to one of his colleagues who stays a few steps from the school. Along the way, the deceased is said to have stopped to ease himself by the side of the road. It is on this stop that his attackers caught up with him and hit him with a cub twice.

The attackers are then said to have dragged him to a nearby classroom, where he retaliated and shouted for help. To his advantage, the teacher whom he had gone to see heard his wails and came to his rescue. The attackers, on the other hand, disappeared into thin air. However, one of the attackers tried to play good by helping the teacher who had to the rescue of the deceased. However, his pretence could only go a long way, because he was later on arrested when investigations began.

The deceased was hospitalised at the Kyebi Hospital, where he was admitted. His condition did not go well, and when the hospital concluded that he was not recuperating, they transferred him to the St Joseph's Hospital in Koforidua. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with fractured bones on his back and was scheduled for an operation. He succumbed to the injuries the following day at around 9 am.

Who is behind the murder of the Asiakwa teacher murder?

The story of Asiakwa teacher killed over snails

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On the other hand, back in the school, investigations were carried out, and six pupils arrested. The names of the suspects who have been linked to the murder are; Philip Kodie (22), Paul Offei Frimpong (19), Richard Amaning (18), Ezekiel Boadu (20), Mireku Emmanuel (19), and Aboagye Evans (19). Out of the six suspects, one had managed to escape, but the police caught up with him in due time.

According to a report by Superintendent Magnus Reindolf Sam, who is the Police Commander of Kibi District, they could not ascertain what caused the death of the teacher. He further went ahead to state that; We shall do the autopsy. The autopsy will will determine what killed him because for now, we can’t determine what killed him.”

He further went ahead to state that the family of the deceased were in shock after they received news of their grief. He expressed his sympathy for the wife of the late because she had just delivered about three months before the murder.

Court proceedings

The six suspects were arraigned in court on Tuesday. The six are facing charges for murder. The court hearing was presided over by Alice Efua Yirenkyi, and according to the prosecutor of the case, the suspects had provided the wrong ages to the police. The records of the school did not match those that they had presented at the police.

The defence counsel urged the court to send the trial to the juvenile court, with allegations that the suspects were underage. The court, however, asked to be given more time to ascertain the ages of the suspects as per the records of the birth registry. The case was adjourned to 25th May 2019.

Reactions to the murder of Asiakwa teacher

The story of Asiakwa teacher killed over snails

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The brutal murder of the teacher has caused tension in the region. Most of the teachers in the region have expressed their fears regarding the issue. They have stated how much they fear concerning the security of the area. Other have eve gone an extra mile to indicate that they will transfer from the schools in the Eastern region. The police have, however, stated that they have beefed up security in the area.

The murder has, however, been condemned by most of the bodies representing the teachers. The National Association of Graduate Teachers gave remarks on the incident. In a statement, the organization said, "[Incidents] of attacks on Teachers have become one too many. Across the length and breadth of the country, Teachers who are sacrificing so much to educate our children are being abused and assaulted by miscreants and even, parents,” The body also condemned the act and pointed fingers at the poor working conditions in the region.

Whether the Asiakwa teacher was in good terms with the students who have been linked to his murder or not, what most people hope for is that justice will be served. Others hope that the working conditions in the region will be made better.


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