Is Ghana safe? Ex President Mahama answers the question

Is Ghana safe? Ex President Mahama answers the question

One of the relatively stable countries in the Western part of Africa is Ghana. The state borders Cote d’Ivoire to the west, Togo to the east, Burkina Faso to the north, and the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean in the South. Despite being a great tourist destination, debates on whether the country is genuinely safe, continues to make headlines. The discussions have even caught the attention of the former president of the state, Mr. John Mahama.


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When most Ghanaian leaders are asked to assess the safety of the nation, majority of them declare it is a safe haven. However, a few who tend to defy this statement include the former president of Ghana, Mr. John Mahama.

Security in Ghana

Most people believe that the Republic of Ghana is one of the most secure states in the Western part of Africa. It is seen as one of the states without significant crimes. However, the country is not free of petty crimes and frauds. There are various dangers one can encounter in this nation. Such crimes entail being robbed by drivers in the taxis, pick-pocketing, mugging, scams, natural disaster risks, among others. Although these are common crimes found in almost every other state, this nation reports meager crime rates emanating from these issues.

Basing from this, one acquires the idea that Ghana is one gem country filled with security and tranquility. However, the former president of this state is refuting this statement. Due to his different view on the prevailing security rate in the country, it is no surprise that most people went online searching for ‘John Mahama answer on security in Ghana’ and ‘the safety level in Ghana.’

Assessment of Ghana’s security according to John Mahama

Before proceeding to give his thoughts on the country’s security stand, John Mahama was quick to point out that he based his final decision on the conversations he had with the residents of the country. According to the former president, some crimes such as kidnapping were non-existent in the land. However, he denoted that presently, the crimes are dominant in Ghana. Due to the presence of these crimes in the country, the residents pointed out that they detect a real threat of terrorism.

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When making the comments regarding the security in the country on Citi FM Point Blank, which is a current affairs program, Mr. Mahama acknowledged that the threat to terrorism has always been there. He revealed that due to the continuous activities of Boko Haram in the Sahel region, which are getting closer to Ghana, the country is now facing a massive threat to terrorism. It goes to mean that the security of the country is declining as the days pass.

Still, on the aspect of Ghana being insecure, John Mahama revealed that the recent attacks in the neighboring countries of Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire are increasing the rate of insecurity in some Ghanaians. From all this, the former president of Ghana declares that most citizens of Ghana are more insecure compared to the past, a clear indication that the security of the state is heightening day by day.

Why is security important to a country?

According to Mr. John Mahama, security is one vital aspect in any state since it dictates the societal progress in the country. Due to this, Mahama points out that it is very crucial for the Government of Ghana to take security matters seriously and make the Ghanaians feel safe. Besides urging the Ghanaian Government to maintain the security that once existed in the country, the former president also urged the citizens to help keep the peace by supporting the security agencies protect the country from any attacks.

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According to the former president of this nation, Mr. John Mahama, Ghana is not as safe as it was in the past. The escalating crime of the Boko Haram, the fights in the neighboring countries of Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire, and the growing crimes such as those of kidnapping in Ghana are making the country more insecure.

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