10 funniest reactions to Game of Thrones finale

10 funniest reactions to Game of Thrones finale

Game of Thrones finale was a 5/10, according to global netizens, some even scored it lower than this. The bold went a step further to petition the final episode, demanding a re-write of the final episode by competent writers. If you think this is surprising, then we are not sure how you will react to this; the petition attracted over 1 million signatures. Yes, a million signatures of dissatisfied watchers, who are also not willing to let go of their favorite series. Probably, they belonged to the internet community that came up with different Game of Thrones finale theories. But, hey, let us not get ahead of ourselves.

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Eight seasons later, with countless deaths, and a number of insidious plots, Game of Thrones finale reactions are as real and unexpected as anyone would imagine. They come in hot, funny, and wild. The most hilarious are those that apply the underlying philosophy of the series, "if you play the game of thrones, you win or you die?" However, it will be wrong to downplay the role, moments leading to the final episode played. And in these moments both game of Thrones finale spoilers, and memes emerged as defining components.

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Who ended on the throne?

As mentioned earlier, if you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. So, who ended on the throne? (Spoiler alert). Unfortunately, there is no iron throne. The dragon melted the throne to bubbling iron lava as she grieved the loss of Daenery, who was killed by Jon Snow. This, therefore, left only one symbol for absolute authority - The Crown, worn by a king. And Bran became the king. Yes, Bran "The Broken."

Game of Thrones finale rating is still conflicted, in spite of IMDb's 9/10 rating. The final season has divided fans into two. It is also the shortest season of all the 8 seasons, with only six episodes. Viewers have voiced their displeasure with the quick conclusion of this season. These bunch of angry fans, signed a petition that attracted a million signatures, requesting for a complete re-do of the season. GoT's outrage peaked last week after Emily Clarke (Daenery) turned into a homicidal crazy queen, seemingly out of the blues. So, you can guess the type reactions to expect. Here are the 10 hilarious reactions of G.o.T season finale.

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1. Daenery on a full scale anarchy

G.o.T memes were funny, but the G.o.T reactions are a different kind of entertainment. This video will prove this point perfectly well.

2. Disappointed fan - Zuma

This is the funniest reaction by my standards. Zuma's laughter represents the fan's opinions exhaustively. The fan's cries are legitimate. 9 years of is not a joke. The least G.o.T producers and writers could do is to deliver better ending for their die hard fans.

3. The prophets reaction

Each fan had his or her opinion, but Nick's opinion carried the day.

4. Girls vs. boys

Clearly girls have a lot to say about the final episode as opposed to boys.

5. The philosophers reaction

You must have a friend similar to Jeff. One who takes things out of the set and brings them to life. Or, is it he who got carried away, and flown from reality into fantasy world.

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6. The study group joke

Bran has a way of pulling a professor-bully look that is absolutely confusing.

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7. The violent one

There is no better way to express your frustrations than breaking your offenders jaw. And that is exactly what themarcosalonzopodcast was doing. He is extreme though.

8. The helpless fan

When the only way to express your true opinion is through a hearty laughter.

9. A haters reaction

This reaction represented a haters heart quite well. You hate on the side but deep down your heart yearns for more of what you 'hate'. Maybe it is confused love covered in ego.

10. The laughter reaction

Game of Thrones finale funny tweets came in butches. Some funnier than others. One thing though, all these reactions will make you laugh your worries away. Like Game of Thrones finale funny memes, these reactions are worth your time.

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