5 ridiculous Games of Thrones season 8 edit fails you can't miss

5 ridiculous Games of Thrones season 8 edit fails you can't miss

It seems like the much-anticipated Game of Thrones season 8 has caused its fans to grumble on how dissatisfied the season has been. The climax of the serpentine puzzle did not turn out according to the expectations of the fans. To add to it, the edit fails in the episodes are what caused trolls on social media to intensify, with most of the fans claiming that the crew had hurried in producing the final season of the series.

5 ridiculous Games of Thrones season 8 edit fails you can't miss

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In case you were not keen enough, throughout the just released six episodes of Game of Thrones season eight, there are several incidents depicted in the series that might catch you by surprise about how much we were played. If you have not watched the much awaited season, please spare yourself because the edit fails also contain some of the spoilers of the season finale of Game of Thrones

5 Game of Thrones top edit fails

The hype that Game of Thrones had during the onset of the season has been hit by a series of scenes that have captured the attention of the fans. These fails have caught the attention of the fans for a not-so-good reason. It looks that the whole Game of Thrones crew was not prepared for the final episode of the series, even after the two-year break from season seven. Fans are not only disappointed by the failed visual scenes, to the pace of the plot being too first for the allocated six episodes. You might want to more about the reasons behind ranting and dissatisfaction that the fans have displayed on social media;

The visual scene fails

It looks like the editing team of the series was up to no good. The set of visual scene fails have made the fans raise eyebrows. The most mentioned scene fail being the scene where a coffee cup was spotted. As though that was not enough, in the last episode, a plastic bottle appears on the set. Is there a possibility that the cast members forgot that Game of Thrones is an epic series? Also, fans are mad over the team that was in charge of directing the series.

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1. The Starbucks cup

5 ridiculous Games of Thrones season 8 edit fails you can't miss

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The Starbucks cup that appeared in the fourth episode is one of the reasons that caused the fans to be up in arms on social media, to condemn the team behind the very influential TV series. The cup appeared in a pivoted scene, whose point of focus was Daenerys Targaryen. Daenerys Targaryen, who plays the role of the mother of the dragons, turned out to be the mother of memes, with fans turning her into the laughing stoke after the release of the episode.

The cup, which ultimately looks like it is not supposed to be in the scene, appears in the 17:50-minute of episode four of Game of Thrones season eight, in case you failed to spot it. What made everyone raise eyebrows is the fact that the coffee cup is from the 21st Century. If you are not able to locate it clearly, have the honours of zooming in.

The plastic bottle

5 ridiculous Games of Thrones season 8 edit fails you can't miss

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As the fans were trying to make peace with the coffee cup that had appeared about two weeks ago, Game of Throne cast has surprised us with yet another edit fail. However much the cast tried to make it concealed, the eagle-eyed fans still had their way in revealing it. This time around, it was a plastic bottle!

The plastic water bottle appears to be, yet another embarrassing mishap of the anticipated series. It appears on the forty-sixth minute of the finale episode, next to Sam's leg. Even though the bottle appears for a second, fans were keen enough to spot it, and without hesitation, Twitter was up on flames about yet another fail.

3. Game of Thrones podcast

If you have been a loyal fan, then you should remember the instance where the legendary swordsman, Jaime, got his right hand chopped off and had to go through the process of learning the art of combat. During Jaime's return to the series, in what looked like his last scene, he embraces Cersei. As he embraces her, his right hand which had been chopped off, appears as the red flames flare up. Again, the eagle-eyed fans could not help noticing this scene. Trolls of the same flooded Twitter.

4. The rogue pencil

It looks like Daenerys had so much to serve us on the fourth episode of the final season of the series. Apart from being on set with a coffee cup, she appears to be seated on the table, holding what looks like a pencil or a pen, just when we thought Game of Thrones was an epic series.

Apart from the visual scenes that looked like they had backfired, there are other reasons why fans are furious to the extent of filing a petition hankering HBO to re-do the final season. The details in the petition were, "David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have proven themselves to be woefully incompetent writers when they have no source material (i.e. the books) to fall back on," In fury, the petition concluded by saying, "This series deserves a final season that makes sense."

The key areas that the fans highlighted are;

The story has so many gaps that leave too many questions

5 ridiculous Games of Thrones season 8 edit fails you can't miss

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It turns out that the flow of events in the series have left so many gaps and caused the fans to ask too many questions. These are some of the areas that the fans were not convinced about;

  • Fans are unable to comprehend how Arya and Hound travel to King's Landing from Winterfell within such a short period. That aspect has made fans get confused about how small Westeros is.
  • Also, fans are unable to understand how Arya manages to be among those that survive Drogon's flames, and yet she is one of the trained assassins.
  • What most people do not understand is when the white horse comes to Arya's rescue, just when she was at the verge of getting burnt in the flaming wasteland of King's Landing.
  • In episode four of the final season, Euron's fleet is the long-range sharp-shooters. In the following episode, they are unable to hit anything when attacked by the dragon.
  • What can we make out of Breannie after Jaime Lannister ditches her?
  • What happens to Bronn? What about Samwell Tarly? What happens to Ghost?

This is way too much suspense for the fans.

The six episodes were too short for the content in the script

5 ridiculous Games of Thrones season 8 edit fails you can't miss

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It looks like the reduced number of episodes has tampered with the flow of the events. Things are happening so fast. These are some of the situations where fans have been left with questions;

  • Most fans of Cersei expected that the queen would go through a ruthless death. To their disbelief, the queen died by falling rubble in the Red Keep's crypt crushing her.
  • The incident where Danie goes mad also looks like it has been rushed.

The choices that the cast members have made, do not seem to make sense

The cast also left their fans in shock after the choices that they made. These are some of the instances that fans feel did not make sense to them;

  • Jaime, whom most fans had banked their hopes on, shocks them when he leaves Brienne for his sister Cersei.
  • Before the Hound told Arya, " No way, kid, get out of here," Arya had Cersei at the top of her kill list. To everyone's surprise, she obeyed the Hound's command.
  • Tyrion, who would refer to himself as the smartest Lannister, keeps on mentioning Daenerys, saying that she will make the world a better place.

The flow of events in Game of Thrones season 8 have left fans in suspense, others feeling dissatisfied about how the series ends. The failed scenes in the series are another reason why fans are furious. Maybe HBO should consider the petition that was filed.


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