Married man cautions other men to avoid women below 25 as they are not ready for marriage

Married man cautions other men to avoid women below 25 as they are not ready for marriage

A man is warning any of his counterparts who would care to listen that women below the age of 25 are not suitable or ready for rings on their finger thus, they should be avoided by men who want to settle. has chanced upon a report via of a man, Olaseni, who believes that men looking to get married need to necessarily avoid women who are below the age of 25 because they are not matured.

Explaining the reason for his advice, Olaseni noted that ladies under the age of 25 are usually not old enough to decide what kind of man they want, so they are both psychologically and emotionally unstable.

Olaseni was reported to have said: “LMAO. This is strictly from my personal experience and a few others; It usually the peak of attention period for many and will have their hearts all over the place. It also the period they’ll begin to figure out what they really want. They are ready in another 2 years.”

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Experience, being the teacher we believe it is, could have taught Olaseni how women below the age of 25 behave. And whether they are as ready for marriage as the telenovelas make them feel.

But the issue of younger women and what they would prefer in a relationship is an age-old topic. Admittedly, there is less fuss about young men with older women. recently spotted a tweet in which the tweeter complained about a similar thing.

“Guys let me tell you a secret, if your Girlfriend is below 26, stop informing them when you are broke, make excuses until you get cash. They are not mature enough to handle the fact that people get broke and get loaded again, Never let her friends see you broke!! Thank me later” @queensuzzette tweeted.

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For whatever it is worth, there is a real sense that women are the one who need to do the growing up. There may be a cultural explanation for this but we cannot overlook what people currently believe.

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