Five remarkable things social media users say make Ghanaians different

Five remarkable things social media users say make Ghanaians different

With nearly 30 million people scattered within its regions, Ghana’s story is certainly a unique one, and the loud differences that sets Ghanaians apart from others is what makes its people unique.

The subject of what makes Ghanaians different is a question that keeps resurfacing every year, and it always generates very interesting commentary, sometimes, hilarious. sought to find out the views of people on what they think makes Ghanaians unique.

Buckle up and get yourself a bucket full of popcorn and perhaps, a made-in-Ghana chilled drink to sit through these episodes.

Boateng Ebenezer, a social media user, was quick to comment after posted the question.

He stated the obvious, which on any given day makes Ghanaians different from other people.

''Hospitability and tolerance,'' Ebenezer's post stated.

He couldn't have been more right!

Ghanaians are known to be friendly people and welcoming, and visiting guests can be sure of meeting overly trusting people, who would open the doors to their homes with one hand, and water, in another.

Coming to Ghana for the first time? Permit me to steal the awe from your joy.

Because are Ghanaians unsurprisingly peace loving people. And the own this with pride.

Ukasha Freedom, another commentator, also shared his thoughts on what makes Ghanaians different.

''We are friendly and accommodating, good people.

More room for improvements though!,'' his post said.

Then the swift turn of events, or rather, answers that would work your jaws with laughter.

A young man, projected Ghanaians as sex starve.

Others thought what sets Ghanaians apart from other people is the frequent power outage they've become accustomed to.

While some of these varied comments on the original post correctly defines Ghanaians, Daakyehene couldn't have been more succinct about Ghana's culture and her people.

The irony though, is his name Louis.

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