4 solid reasons why beautiful people will always get ahead of the rest

4 solid reasons why beautiful people will always get ahead of the rest

Countless times, we have been told while growing up that our knowledge and experience will be enough to put us ahead of the pile but one uncomfortable truth is that your looks matter.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, they say. And if that is true, and the beholder is a powerful or influential person, we have to pray that they either find us beautiful or overlook our physical appearance.

This is because research after research conducted by behavioural scientists and psychologists have shown that we, as human beings are more willing to be “soft” on those we find beautiful.

Many people do not believe this even though they unconsciously carry it out. So YEN.com.gh is here to break down the science for people.

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1. Beauty “jumps” out to us

When we find something that is beautiful to us, it immediately jumps out to us. We notice it straight out of the rest because it is different.

When this happens, the people we consider beautiful among all the others we have seen, leave their beauty on our minds.

2. We associate beauty with the best values

Whatever your values are, when you see beautiful people, you unconsciously associate their beauty with the valuable and worthy things that exist.

Whether you think their beauty is innocent or bad, you are most likely to say to yourself that they deserve the biggest and best things you or life can give them.

3. We actually think beautiful people are better people

The Bible asks Christians not to live by sight but by faith. But our eyes are the doors to our minds.

And when we see people who are beautiful to us, other qualities like personality, character and their views do not matter very much.

Until something very bad happens from them, the beautiful people are better than the others.

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4. People we find beautiful are given multiple chances

When we find people unpleasant looking, we are easily irritated by them. The very least wrong they do, we bash them and most likely want to see them go farther from us.

That is not the same thing with people we find beautiful. If they show a little remorse, we believe their small mistakes are genuine and we do not care.

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