Shatta Wale - Congratulate: official audio mp3, public reaction and interesting facts

Shatta Wale - Congratulate: official audio mp3, public reaction and interesting facts

It looks like one of Shatta Wale's resolution in 2019 was to keep his fans on toes with his music. The artist has recently been releasing one hit after another, making his fame grow and also his fan size bigger. The king of dancehall has done what he does best and released another hit: Shatta Wale - Congratulate. Regardless of whether you are his fan or not, updating your records on the artist's music will do you no harm.

Shatta Wale - Congratulate: official audio mp3, lyrics, public reaction and interesting facts
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Barely three days after the artist did the official video of one of his latest hits; God is Alive, Shatta Wale is back with yet another hit. Shata Wale - Congratulate is the title of the hit. You might want to get the highlights about the hit, whether or not, it was a dedication to one of his rivals. These top highlights of the hit will make you understand better about it. It might also help you understand why the artist has been releasing hits after short intervals.

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Shatta Wale - Congratulate


This banger hit was released on 17th June 2019. It has so much influence ever since its release.

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So far, the artist has only done audio of the jam. Even without releasing the video, it is interesting how influential the song is.


The banger hit is three minutes and forty-seven seconds long.


The song is a dancehall. Shatta Wale, however, sounds calmer in the hit.


The effort behind the awesome beats in the song is MOG Beatz & Da Maker.

Shatta Wale - Congratulate reviews and comments

Shatta Wale - Congratulate is barely three days old, although the love and comments on social media are overwhelming. It goes without question that the fans of the self-proclaimed king of dancehall music are at bay, waiting for their king to release a hit for them. These are some of the comments that have been made about the song so far;

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Yakoema : WOW. This Shatta Wale guy is the best in Ghana because he is versatile and creative. MUCH ❤ FROM UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.
Lydia Afia : wow is true good or bad congrats to the person you do not judge just give a clap to our dear King
Ansu Mana : Shatta I wish they hear you well, all your words mean something, love from Gambia you too much bro wish you long life!
Ma-azu Fahad : Wow who's here to congratulate with me by hitting the like button for showing appreciation for "congratulate"
Alfred Marteye : Shatta Wale ... I beg ... please let's organize national lyrics and song donations for other musicians experiencing music draught wai ... help your brothers and sisters please ... SM FOR LIFE lol
Tilapia Gh : bhaaaaaad daddy u too much.. i will love u till casket u got no size ... paaaa paaaa paaaa if ibi bad news u for congratulate sm4lyf

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Elizabeth Wiredu : Dance hall king never disappoint when it comes to music, please if u are SM fans gather here and let congratulate our self
Kanguroba golty : This is the only One i like the other 2 are lazy works and you know well that you can do better anyway Congratulate!

Shata Wale - Congratulate Download

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Shatta Wale has a raspy voice that attracts fans to his music. He also has a special skill when it comes to rhyme and flow that never goes wrong when it comes to music. This awesome song is just one click away. Shatta Wale -Congratulate mp3 is available by simply clicking here.

Shatta Wale is one of the artists who have been consistent in their careers and always have something new for their fans. His music has shown tremendous potential of growth. His most recent hits have made him receive accolades for his unique style. Shatta Wale - Congratulate is one of his latest hits that you ought to check out.

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