Frequency of ej*culation determines your lifespan - Spiritualist warns

Frequency of ej*culation determines your lifespan - Spiritualist warns

Would you believe that the frequency of ej*culation determines your lifespan of a man to be true? Fortunately or unfortunately, there are claims that the two are related. Before you get to pick a stand, it will be prudent of you to get the facts right about this version of the story and the scientific one. Maybe then, you will be able to decide which one of the two to believe.

Frequency of ej*culation determines your lifespan - Spiritualist warns
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Recently there is a Ghanaian spiritualist that came up with claims that he could prove that ej*culation is a significant determinant of one's lifespan. Many might have dismissed him with the thoughts that he could be an old fashioned champ who is opinionated. However, it will be more prudent to spare some time to hear him out, after that, you can comfortably deduce your conclusions on whether or not to believe him.

Nana Guan Bay the herbalist

Nana Guan Bay, who claims to be a Hare Krishna, is the man behind the analogy that ej*culation frequency has a direct relationship with a male's lifespan. This is definitely a very interesting idea that should draw you into digging deeper into it.

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In an interview, the latter claimed that the men who believe that their libidos are uncontrollable and feel that every woman that they meet should end up in their beds should take caution. He went on to warn that by doing so, these men will be trading their lives for sexual intercourse and would end up dying early.

To prove that his idea could be legitimate, Nana Guan Bay went further to state that according to statistics most men die at their prime ages because they are engaging in "excessive sexual intercourse".

Nana Guan Bay made his idea more interesting when he stated that indulging in sexual intercourse with another man's wife might not be an issue. He, however, went further to state that engaging in sexual intercourse with different sexual partners was the main cause of the deaths.

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The herbalist then concluded his argument by stating that the world would come after 430,000 years. He went further to state that the years have elapsed, God will bring everyone to judgement depending on the way they led their lives while on earth. He then said that that the first quarter of the years is already gone and that judgement is not so far, and that people should preach the word of God to avoid His wrath.

It is difficult to ascertain whether or not the claims are legitimate. However, the scientific version about ej*culating will provide reports that have been tested and proven. How about looking at the scientific bit of it?

Benefits of ej*culating

Frequency of ej*culation determines your lifespan
Source: UGC

Science, through several case studies, has had research done in a bid to try and explain the relationship between ej*culation and lifespan. A research was conducted in a case study between 1979 and 1983. The cases study was conducted in Welsh village, Caerphilly, where 918 men who were certified to have been healthy participated as the specimen of the study. The age gap of these men was between 45-59 years.

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Ten years later, the researchers conducted a survey on the health of the men that were used for the study. By then, their age ranged between 55-69 years. Out of the 918, 150 of them had died within ten years. Out of the 150 deaths, 67 were reported to have died due to a heart attack. The rest had died due to other reasons. Using the same statistics on the death rates, the researchers compared the sexual frequency of the men who have died to those that had survived.

According to the statistics that they established, comparing the death rates of the men who would have sexual intercourse once a month to those who would have sex in a fortnight, it was concluded that those who would have sex once in a fortnight had a death rate that was half that of the latter. This conclusion, therefore meant that increased sexual activity had a positive impact n the life of the individual.

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Other scientific conclusions

Frequency of ej*culation explained
Source: UGC

Besides the research that was conducted, there are other health benefits of ej*culation that have been sudied and proven by researchers. These benefits include;

  • It helps boost the man's immune system.
  • It helps the man sleep.
  • It helps reduce symptoms that are related to migraines.
  • It helps improve the quality of the sperm.
  • It also helps reduce heart-related diseases.

Other traditional beliefs

Nana Guan Bay is not the only one who has come up with the idea about ej*culation reducing the man's lifespan. The traditional Chinese and Indian culture also forbade ej*cuation with the claims that it was a drain of the man's vitality. The French also relate it to a little death.

These claims about the relationship between ej*culation and a man's lifespan depend on the individual's opinion. Science, has, however, tried to come up with proof that the process increases the lifespan of the individual. What beats all odds is the fact that during ej*aculaiton, the hormone that is released has a positive impact on the emotional status of the man, hence resulting in better health and longer life. Also, it is proven that ej*culation reduces the chances of one suffering from prostate cancer.

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