10 best bottle cap challenge videos

10 best bottle cap challenge videos

The internet is in a Frenzy, and everyone is hooked to the latest challenge: the bottle cap challenge. This new challenge has hit social media with a bang. Everyone is on it, including great actors, who, of course, are the highlight of the challenge. Some will argue that no one has done the bottle cap challenge better than Jason Statham thus far. Probably it is because the challenge relies so much on what he is good at - throwing kicks. Yes, the challenge is about people trying to open a bottle cap with a rotating kick.

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Some people appear to have learnt the bottle cap challenge trick quick, based on how good their throws are. Jason Statham bottle cap challenge for instance, is a clean throw that opens the bottle smoothly. Designer Errolson Hug, the first man to hop onto the challenge, after he accepted from Davletchin, threw a neat kick that sent the cap spinning all the way off the bottle. Here are 10 best bottle cap challenge videos that you should watch. And in case you were wondering what is the best bottle cap challenge, your surely will find one that fits your idea of the best.

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1. Jason Statham bottle cap challenge

The slow motion in this video makes the kick more exciting.

2. Cornor McGregor bottle cap challenge

Corner is not only good at boxing but also excels in throwing kicks. This challenge has proven this point beyond any reasonable doubt.

3. John Mayer

Some call it water bottle cap challenge, or Pepsi challenge bottle cap game. Both are right provided you drop the cap off a bottle like Mayer did. Who would have thought Mayer had this skills.

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4. Shainajoelle tipping off the cap

Shaina took the challenge and made good of it.

5. Max Holloway

Even though Max Holloway did not tip the cap off completely, his kick was clean and very impressive.

6. Diplo

Diplo's kick is not your typical best kick but it met the demands of the challenge just fine.

7. Japoy_lizardo

Japoy pulled a classic kick. He opened the cap quite nicely, and left the bottle standing in spite of the shake the bottle had before getting back to an upright position.

8. Allanpuroosso

Allan's kick was just as impressive as Jason Stantham.

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9. Mma_instructor

Mma_instructor has taken the challenge a notch higher with an impressive cap tip off. When you look closely, you realize that the cap turned and spun facing up, as it descended slowly to the ground.

10. Davy_karatedo

David is an authority in this space. His kick could not be any better.

Bottle cap challenge got everyone throwing kicks. Like Kylie Jenner lip challenge, the bottle cap challenge has gotten the attention of great acts in the entertainment circle. These great names have tipped bottle caps off water bottles with great accuracy and precision. You can as well try it out and see if you can do it.


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