5 Things you didn't know about Becca

5 Things you didn't know about Becca

Becca has been the subject of public discussions for the past few days. This was after Ghana internet users were treated to some shocking news by Becca's mother about her daughter's marriage. These revelations made everyone curious about what goes on in the songstresses marriage life. To some, the news was rather shocking because the two, Becca and her husband, appeared to have been happily married for better or for worse.

How old is Becca Acheampong?

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Born as Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong, Becca has grown into a thriving professional singer with multiple good quality hits. She is sometimes referred to as the 'Judas of our time'. She got married to her Nigerian fiancee who, according to her, loved her for who she is. She admitted that she is not perfect, but her lover, Tobi, overlooked all of her negative attributes and married her anyway.

He accepted the songstress for who she is, a quality that made her describe their love as an unconditional love. You might have heard a lot about this singer's personal and professional life. However, it might have been hard to separate facts from mere hear say. Below are 5 things you did not know about Becca.

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1. She got married on August 18, 2018

Becca tied the knot with her now husband, artiste Manager, Oluwatobi Tobi Sanni Daniel, in a colorful ceremony. The two have had a simple and fairly silent marriage. However, Becca has been quick to share the love and appreciation she has for her husband. At one point, during Tobi's birthday, she took to Instagram to celebrate him in the kindest words that expressed her feelings towards him. She posted a picture that was captioned,

"To such an amazing husband… I wish you good health so we could explore more places together. My love, I have travelled length and breadth of the world with you and most journeys have been life-changing. You have shown me what real love is all about… “Unconditional” and “selfless”. True they say “love does not write wrong” and you have shown me that too. My life would not be the same without you. So here’s to your brilliance, your kindness, your strength, and to your everlasting charm. I love you so much… happiest birthday my love. Thank the good Lord for you".

This just proved how much he truly means to her.

2. She gave birth within less than nine months into their marriage

The science behind getting a child has not changed, therefore, that is not what it is surprising in this situation. The fact that the child came in less than nine months can only mean one thing; Toby, is overworking. Nonetheless, a local online platform confirmed that she gave birth to a beautiful, bouncy baby girl. Like most Ghanaian celebrities, Becca traveled abroad to give birth and returned with a gift in February this year.

3. Tobi Sanni may not have married Becca on clear conscience

This revelation came in smoking hot, with every news outlet picking it up and running with story. Mrs. Juliet Yiadaom-Oti, Becca's mother spilled beans on this matter, in an interview, by claiming prior to her daughters marriage, Tobi had called her to London where he allegedly opened up to her the true reason why she accepted to marry Becca. She said Tobi only accepted to marry Becca because Becca wanted him to marry her, and not because his conscience was clear.


Image: facebook.com, @Rebecca Becca Acheampong
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She proceeeded to say that Becca advised her husband to do the knocking ceremony and continue with marriage. In other words, Tobi was not up to the task but instead, Becca convinced him to take up the challenge. Mrs. Yiadaom was not shy to express her disappointment, by saying that she was indeed upset by Tobi's words. She, however, put her daughter's happiness first, and dismissed all the statements.

4. Becca was born as Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong in August 15, 1984.

What is the age of Becca?

How old is Becca Acheampong? To many, this information seems quite elusive. However, based on her birth date she is 34 years old today. She has achieved a lot in her life time to become one of the most celebrated female artists in Ghana. Her debut album sugar propelled her to fame. The album contained twelve songs all of which are enjoyed by her fans to date.

5. She made it to the top 10 richest musicians in Ghana 2018

How wealthy is Ghana? In 2018, Becca managed to work her way up the wealth ladder in Ghana entertainment scene to become one of the wealthiest artists in the country. With sheer determination and focus on producing good quality music, the Ghanaian songstress was able to earn herself a spot in the top 10 wealthiest musicians Ghana. She has signed several endorsements with different companies and record labels. She has also collaborated with other artists to release good quality music that do sell.


Image: facebook.com, @Rebecca Becca Acheampong
Source: UGC

How old is Becca Ghanaian? This question has been put to rest now that everything has been put in black and white. These five facts will help you understand your favorite songstress more and in turn appreciate her work.


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