Joyce Dzidzor Mensah get completely naked (again)

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah get completely naked (again)

Once again, Mrs. Joyce Dzidzor Mensah seems to be blowing up the internet with her wild controversies. This time around, she seems to have taken things a little notch higher, raising multiple debates online concerning her mental health. Well, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah decided to start a live stream naked on her Facebook page. The photo, which has attracted so much attention online shows the Former Aids ambassador for Ghana with just some panties on during one of her live streams.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

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Indeed, Mrs. Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, who is the Former Aids ambassador for Ghana, is making headlines yet again! The mother of two decided to start a Facebook live stream when she was naked, an act that has been causing so much stir online.

The Former Aids ambassador for Ghana, Mrs. Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has left the internet in a haze following her recent actions. Well, it is common to find celebrities doing something out of this world to keep their fan base excited. However, there are extremes. Mrs. Joyce Dzidzor Mensah appears to have gone wild yet again after she decided to break the silence online with her naked pictures during a live stream in her Facebook account.

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There are various ways an individual can use to grab attention online. However, the Former Aids ambassador for Ghana seems to have redefined the manner in which one can acquire attention online. The mother of two is not a new face to controversies.

She once declared herself to be HIV positive, an act that made her serve as the Ghana AIDS ambassador for a few years. Later on, Mrs. Joyce Dzidzor Mensah came out to acknowledge that she had indeed lied about her HIV status. The action was followed by her being immediately stripped of her Aids ambassadorial role.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah strips naked yet again on social media

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Despite the Aids status controversy, this recent action by Mrs. Joyce Dzidzor Mensah seems to be the most shocking controversies of all time. The mother of two decided to post a photo of herself on her Facebook page with barely any clothes on. The picture was so revealing and left many in their wild imaginations since the only panties she had on did no good in covering up her physique. The Former AIDS Ambassador of Ghana shared the revealing photo with the caption: “I’m angry this morning. My mood is very bad, but I managed to smile in the picture.”

Most fans were shocked by her behavior. Since the Former Aids ambassador for Ghana is a mother of two, most people did not expect her to go back to her old habits of sharing gloomy pictures of herself. Fans are condemning her behavior since her children at one point in their life will log on to her social media account and come across the revealing photo of their mother. There are allegations that Joyce Dzidzor Mensah is suffering from bipolar depression. This has made her be admitted at a rehab center in Germany.

When Joyce Dzidzor Mensah revealed herself naked to the world the first time, this was labeled as just another way to catch the attention of her fans. However, her multiple controversies over time and her second act of her stripping naked has left most people worried about her. In turn, fans have been left wondering if this is just a cry out for psychological help.

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