Man jabbed for using things his fiancée did for him as proof of love

Man jabbed for using things his fiancée did for him as proof of love

Beaming with pride and gratitude, a young man took to his twitter handle to reveal ten things his fiancée did to help him gain financial stability at the time he had nothing.

While it appears Bob Phondo shared what he perhaps considered proof of his fiancée commitment and love, others thought it otherwise.

Bob Phondo indicated that he wanted to celebrate his would-be wife prior to their marriage over the weekend.

However, some Twitter users have taken a swipe at him and others have dragged him through the mud for what they consider as red flags that should trigger the concern of people in relationship.

Well, like some people in the thread stated, if you choose to make your personal issues open, then it becomes a public issue.

''Men often only relate the goodness and value of women in what they do for them, not who the women are.

I'm not sure I've seen a more gratuitous display of exactly that in this post.

She needs to RUN,'' Valantina Mayor, a Twitter user suggested.

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''I wanna share 10 things about this woman before we wed this weekend,’’ Bob Phondo posted on Twitter along with a photo of his fiance

Bob Phondo continued to highlight the other things he considers pivotal to his financial stability.

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While Bob Phondo perhaps was grateful for his fiancee's selfless contribution in his life, some of the people who commented thought he had reduced his partner's love to material things.

''What he described isn’t his love for her. It’s an excel spreadsheet of all that she’s done FOR him,'' msgaddy said in response to A. D williams, who thought many had misunderstood Bob Phondo's good intentions.

Like they say, opinions are like noses, and each individual has got one. However, what is important is that the would-be couple are happy together.

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