OLX is now Jiji: Guide on how to live on with that
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OLX is now Jiji: Guide on how to live on with that

In April this year, the word got around that, Jiji, a massive African marketplace, agreed on merge with OLX, its main competitor. This way, starting 20 June 2019, 300 million OLX clients in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and Tanzania were automatically turned into new Jiji users. And… they were, let’s say, not happy with that.

YEN.com.gh decided that now's not the time to regret, but look for a solution to a problem and even new opportunities!


Here’s your pocket guide on how to go through this harsh period and get a situation under control.

1. Get over it!

There’s no way you can bring OLX back ― recognize this fact and turn the page. This just was a mutual decision of two companies and surely they had legitimate grounds for that. Who knows, maybe this was for the better?

“With our focus on accelerating the growth of other markets, now is an opportune time to sell our interests in these markets.” ― General Manager of OLX for the Middle East and Africa

2. Restore your OLX account data

According to the official letter you had to get on your email, “for the purposes of continuing the service, OLX will transfer your account details (including your personal information that you have provided to them) and your active advertisements to Walie Holdings Ltd on 14 June 2019.” If you didn’t receive anything like this, look for it one more time in your spam box or write to a Jiji support team on this email support@jiji.com.gh.

Here are the most widespread troubles previous OLX users face and the ways you can tackle them.

Frequently asked questions on Jiji and OLX

3. Research Jiji website for new opportunities

Avid supporters of OLX are convinced that there were not and there will not be anything better than this classified. They zealously advocate OLX and captiously analyze every detail on Jiji website: ‘This scroller is wrong,’ ‘I don’t like how the ad works,’ ‘Why response time is so long!’ In fact, they just don’t like it that something has changed in their lives.

Be different and at least try to find advantages of a new e-commerce platform that, just think of it, has already ten million unique active users and 150,000 sellers. Probably, if all these people still use Jiji, then it’s really helpful.

Plus, there’s always an opportunity to write directly to Jiji support team on this email support@jiji.com.gh and suggest what they can change on their website and services. Sometimes, a sound piece of advice can dramatically improve the situation than angry comments on social media.

4. Make your business even better

Such a transition to a new classified is a great opportunity to reconsider your business in general. Examine all your activities, decisions. Find out what crucial mistakes you made previously. Analyze critically the way you posted advertisements, paying attention to the quality of texts and photos. Resort to some new methods and techniques. Finally, write down a new plan of action and follow it! Jiji is not a verdict, but a door to a broader audience for your goods.

And by the way, if you want to know all the tricks and tips regarding doing business in Africa, follow us and shortly we will share top pieces of advice from Yuliy Shenfeld, Jiji Country Manager.

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