Young mother recounts how her employer takes money, leaves her with nothing after poor sales
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Young mother recounts how her employer takes money, leaves her with nothing after poor sales

When morning breaks, it’s another day for Ophelia Mensah to hustle for her day’s wage whether rain or shine, despite earning nearly nothing from her hard days' jostling.

On September 27, 2018, at Sekondi Port in Tarkoradi, Ghana, Ophelia Mensah tells her story in the most soul-touching manner ever.

The 26-year-old has an adorable boy who has seen 10 years of birthdays.

Sadly, Ophelia Mensah reveals her hard day’s toil and sweat yields almost nothing.

‘’I am not married. I am a single parent. When the fishermen come back with their nets full, I can sell all my “sweet bad” in a few hours. Once in a while, I can even sell two trays and make GHc 40 cedis ($8) but normally, I sit here the whole day trying to sell one tray so I can go and pay the owner her GHc80 cedis,’’ she recounted.

After settling her employer, she gets GHc 20 cedis ($4) as payment for her daily wage.

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Ophelia disclosed that she cannot afford to make low sales because her madam would demand the expected amount for the day.

‘’As for her GHc 80 she will collect it so if I don’t manage to sell everything, I still have to pay that and then I am stuck with the rest of the “sweet bad,'' she said with a sad face.

Ophelia’s story isn’t exclusive to her; tens and hundreds of Ghana’s energetic youth have been compelled to take up menial jobs due to unemployment.

The story of a young woman with a toddler to feed but life keeps offering her lemons and it appears her options of turning them into lemonade keeps dwindling. Perhaps, none exist.

Hopefully, some light will shine at the end of her tunnel.

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