4 tried-and-true ways that unexpectedly make people rich
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4 tried-and-true ways that unexpectedly make people rich

Not everyone is Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, talented in something, or lucky to be born with a silver spoon in mouth. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t pick yourself up and do your best.

YEN together with Jiji, #1 online classified in Ghana, have chosen for you four easy ways to get a fast buck or even become wealthy.

Make driving for Uber

4 tried-and-true ways that unexpectedly make people rich

Uber Taxi Driver Makes the Difference Among Others
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What could be easier than getting behind the wheel and start working as a taxi driver? And if they also charge plenty, then it could quickly become a full-fledged work. A huge plus of the app is that you don’t need to look for clients, they will find you themselves.

Of course, be prepared that you have to comply with Uber standards, as well as give a certain percentage of revenue to the firm.

But how to turn regular taxi cab work into a business? It's simple. After a short period of working as a driver, you will probably be able to save some money. You can put them in one or two used cars and rent them to those drivers who are just starting their way with Uber. By purchasing a sufficient number of vehicles, you can easily stop working as a driver on your own but control the entire process.

2. Join research or focus group

4 tried-and-true ways that unexpectedly make people rich

Discussion Between Participants of a Focus Group
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Some people consider taking surveys an obsolete method to earn money. Do not pay attention to these phoneys. By taking part in one of these focus groups, you can get about GH₵163 in 20 minutes (the sum depends on the company that conducts the study).

During such meetings, you can get a specific product sample, watch a pilot episode of a TV show, or read various promotional materials. In the end, you will be asked questions of interest and released with money in your pocket.

What is the result? You can be proud of yourself. Your participation in such a survey just made a product offering of your store a little bit better. In Ghana, you can go to ILCAfrica or Ghana Consumer Panel.

3. Sign up as a website tester

4 tried-and-true ways that unexpectedly make people rich

Freelance Tester Works at Any Time of a Day
Source: UGC

The main task here is to provide honest feedback about a particular website. Basically, you’ll need to determine how user-friendly its interface is. It doesn’t require you to know programming languages. You just have to understand the logic of how a website works and describe in a report whether everything functions and how convenient it is. The whole process takes around 20 minutes and can bring you solid money per one work. If you get your hand in it, it’s possible to make even more for a month.

Signing up as a tester, you need to be all eyes not to miss a beneficial gig. That means if you answered too late on the request, somebody else will be assigned to this task.

Dip your toe in the water on TryMyUI, userlytics, and Validately.

4. Start up your business

4 tried-and-true ways that unexpectedly make people rich

Your Startup Can Be a Breakthrough
Source: UGC

You may ask, how a startup can bring a fast buck? It seems as impossible as to run a marathon without exercising before. However, there’s an excellent chance to succeed if to set a business based on social media and e-commerce platforms.

Define who is your target audience, find out where it tends to spend time online, create a business account on the chosen platform (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it), and go for it! You can start making money as soon as first people see your ad, so be prepared to act fast.

But don’t just become a social media seller and leave it at that. Start using Jiji.ng, a classified with more than 300,000 businesses being based on it, where you can place your goods for free, and where people can purposefully look for your product. However, be ready to compete with other sellers in the same niche. To stand out, do everything possible to make the photos and description of your goods attractive and comprehensive.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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