Why was Daily Graphic journalist arrested and harassed over Badu Kobi?

Why was Daily Graphic journalist arrested and harassed over Badu Kobi?

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi is on the limelight for the wrong reasons. The preacher was quoted making ethnocentric and insensitive comments about Ashanti women. The founder of Glorious Wave Church International is alleged to have called out on the Ashanti women for being stupid. The preacher is said to have made these comments during a church service that was held in his church one week ago. These comments caused some of the women to protest and the demonstration caused a Daily Graphic journalist to be harassed. You might be interested in finding out more about the ordeal.

Why was Daily Graphic journalist arrested and harassed over Badu Kobi?

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A week ago, the controversial pastor made the insensitive comments about the Ashanti women being stupid during his sermon. These remarks caused the women to be angered. In retaliation, they marched to the headquarters of Glorious Wave Church International dressed in red, carrying placards that had their sentiments written on them. This demonstration caused the Daily Graphic journalist to be interested in capturing what was going on. Little did she know that covering this story would land her into trouble.

The arrest of the Daily Graphic journalist

Why was Daily Graphic journalist arrested and harassed over Badu Kobi?

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Updates about the incident that are given by Elvis Sarko who is a college of Della, the Daily Graphic journalist. According to Elvis Sarko, Della had ended up being detained in a police station after she had made attempts to film the flow of events in prophet Badu Kobi's church.

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Elvis explained that Della had gone to film after she noticed that there were women who were demonstrating about the remarks that the preacher had made about them. Della had gotten to the scene at about 11 o'clock and found the women dispersing. As a journalist, she decided to stick around and see whether the pastor would comment on the issue. Reacting to the issue, the pastor made remarks that were still based on tribes.

After he was done with preaching, the pastor walked down the aisle laying hands on the congregation that had been on their knees as he walked past them. Some even touched his shoes as he blessed them. Finding it fascinating, Della decided to film this ordeal. In the process, one man in the congregation spotted her. The man walked towards her and demanded that she deleted the footage that she had captured. This drew the attention of most members in the church who voiced the man's demands to have her delete the footage or else they would beat her up.

As the atmosphere became more tensed up, one of the ladies in the congregation came up with a club that had a nail on it, threatening that she would beat her up using the club if she did not delete the footage. In the process, one of the members called the police who came and picked her up and went away with her.

Being harassed by the police

Why was Daily Graphic journalist arrested and harassed over Badu Kobi?

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In what seemed like would be an escape gate turned out to be worse as the police harassed her even more. They pinned her down in their pick-up vehicle after which they confiscated all her phones after she demanded to know whether or not she had legally been arrested. The police vehicle then went to Sakumono Police station where she would be 'protected'.

While at the station, she was adamant about recording a statement stating that she would not do so unless her lawyer was present. The police took offence in the issue stating that she was being uncooperative.

According to Elvis Sarko: a colleague Della Rusell who is the Daily Graphic journalist, the latter has been detained at Sakumono Police station. It is still not clear the charges that have been filed against her.

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