Policeman disgraced by a prostitute he slept with (Photos)

Policeman disgraced by a prostitute he slept with (Photos)

- A prostitute recently caused mild drama after she took to the street to hold a police officer ransom in Lagos

- According to eyewitness report, the policeman had offered to pay her N7k for the night but changed his mind and gave her N1k after sleeping with her

- After much pressure from bystanders, he eventually gave her N4k

While officers of the law are meant to be role models when it comes to upholding the laws of the state, it appears some aren't quite cut out for the service as seen in the story of this Lagos policeman.

According to reports, the policeman who was being held by the pants by a prostitutes on the street, was said to have patronized her the night before and they reached an agreement of N7,000 payment for the night.

However, it turned out that by morning that the police officer changed his mind and went back on his word, offering her only N1,000. This in turn angered the lady who decided to embarrass him, drawing the attention of bystanders.

According to the gist which was shared by Mikky Baron on Facebook, the policeman caved in after much pressure from the growing crowd to pay her and paid her N4,000.

Source: Yen

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