Beard Growth Products: FDA Explains Why You Should Be Cautious

Beard Growth Products: FDA Explains Why You Should Be Cautious

Lately, the demand for beard growth product has been on the rise. Men with a need to grow a long beard are not holding back on anything when looking for the best products in the market. But, can beard oil grow beard? Well, according to the marketing strategies of those selling these products, the beard oil seems like the most appropriate solution for your beard growth problem. However, the FDA has come out to clear the air on this matter. So what did they say about it, and why should it concern you? Here are all the facts that you need to know about beard growth products, as explained by the FDA.

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The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has come out to demystify the public lie being peddled by beard product distributors. This lie is the idea that the FDA has approved the sale of products that can supposedly enhance beard growth.

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According to Mr Joeffery Arthur - the Head of Medical Devices, Cosmetics and Household Chemical Substance Inspectorate Division at the FDA - the FDA could not support the sell of creams, pills, sprays, lotion powders and medicated soaps, advertised on most social media pages. This, therefore, served as a warning to the general public to be very careful when dealing with these products.

He continued to explain that beard products being sold in the market are illegal.

According to the law, all drug, food, cosmetics, tobacco, and household chemical should be registered with the FDA so that their effectiveness, safety and quality can be established before they are released into the market. And according to Mr Arthur, no beard product has been taken through this process. He said:

The importation of unregistered products into the market is due to the porous nature of Ghana’s borders, but the FDA is doing its best to get such unregistered medicines off the market.

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He was, however, not shy to admit that the FDA had given some products, especially those that ease the shaving of beard, a go-ahead.

The love for beard

Time changes, and this time around, it has changed men into loving long and neat beard. Sometimes back, women would easily walk away from a man with a long beard, something that women today might find absurd. So, what is it with beards?

According to a recent publication by a local paper, young men today have found a soft spot for the beard. Probably this is a result of pop culture where icons and young pacesetters wear long beards and can be spotted in various locations, from tv, online, billboards, to taxi, and totros. This thus creates an image that most young men would love to wear on themselves.

Today society is more tolerant and accepts fashion styles that would have easily gotten you into trouble years back. Beard was one such fashion statement.

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To some men, keeping a long beard is not only a fashion statement but also a way to satisfy a long term desire. This desire is mostly linked to the idea of being a man.

Some research points the availability of beard as a sign of active testosterone, a quality that the human brain reads as coming with more aggression than average. And it is for this reason that most men with beards are seen by most as domineering, angry and aggressive, even when they are a complete opposite of these.

This is one of the reasons why the FDA is warning young men against rushing to get beard products.

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Medically speaking

According to Dr Emmanuel Lartey - a medical officer at the Mother-Love Hospital - it is advisable for men to refrain from using these products because their side effects outweigh their immediate benefits. He continued to note that some of these products contain harmful chemicals that might harm some organs in the body.

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He opined:

In most cases, I have had to deal with those who use these products and end up having serious health conditions such as kidney failure, headaches, insomnia and skin cancer. Those who insert vagina tightening products end up closing the hole totally. It is better to avoid such products than to waste huge sums of money in treating the side effects.

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Beard Growth
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Why do people sell these products?

Demand. Demand is the simple answer to this question.

According to one of the traders dealing with these products, there is a significant interest in these products from customers. She said:

Selling these products is very profitable because people come in almost every time seeking products for one reason or the other. Some even order for delivery at a cost. However, most of the people who buy the products prefer to be silent on the effectiveness of the products, so I don’t really know if it works or not. But there are some people who keep requesting for the same product, and that means it is good for them.

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According to the trader, most of these products are imports, and the retail traders get them from distributors.

According to another trader, beauty products are highly patronized compared to other products that she sells. She said:

Though I sell most of the enhancement products such as vagina tightening, beard growth, skin bleaching and sexual pleasure products, the breast, hips, butt0cks and penis enlargement products alone fetch me more money than all the other medicines and cosmetics I sell.

Beauty is important, but it should not be achieved at the expense of good health. Beard growth products, like other beauty products, are available and will continue to be availed. Take heed of the caution put forth by the FDA and steer clear of these products until they are fully certified as safe for consumers. Your health matters more than your external beauty.


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