Ahmed Suale: 5-10 things you have to know

Ahmed Suale: 5-10 things you have to know

On 16th January 2019, a sombre mood struck the residents of Madini near Accra after one of their own was killed. Ahmed Suale, an investigative journalist at Tiger Eye, was shot at close proximity by two unknown men on his way to his home. Ever since he was killed, so much effort has been put in place to try and understand why he had to be murdered.

Ahmed Suale: 5-10 things you have to know

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Ahmed Suale is one of the African journalists who gave their all when it came to investigative journalism. The latter had worked alongside prominent names like Anas Aremeyaw Anas. The two had worked under Tiger Eye, an investigative company that exposed some of the unfair acts in Africa. The reports from the journalists had revealed some of the high profile corruption cases and corrupt officials. They had also exposed some of the most feared criminals. These conditions are enough proof that the journalists had put their lives at risk.

5 facts about Ahmed Suale

1. His murder could have been planned

According to a report that was compiled by BBC, three witnesses came up to attest that Ahmed Suale was targeted. The three witnesses alleged that they had spotted three men at the junction near the spot where the journalist was killed. Out of the three men, one looked familiar, whereas the other two were not. The witnesses went further to state that one of the men was well-built and tall. His colleague was short and athletic.

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The two men were spotted leaning on their motorbikes trying to converse with the people who were at the junction. To pass time, they bought a bottle of alcohol and even tried to engage the residents by helping them carry bottles of water. These acts of kindness looked unusual to them. Some of the people living near the junction said that the men looked suspicious. Others even mistook them for robbers.

2. He could have been assassinated

Ahmed Suale: 5-10 things you have to know

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According to the witnesses, Ahmed Suale murder happened a few minutes to midnight. The deceased was shot at a close range by the two men who had been seen earlier that evening at the junction. The two men had pursued Hussein-Suale who had slowed down as he approached the junction. The first bullet that was fired at Ahmed hit him in the neck causing him to lose control of the vehicle. The vehicle accelerated and collided with the storefront that was situated nearby.

Even after the car had crashed, one of the shooters went directly to the window that is adjacent to the driver's seat and fired another two shots directly to Ahmed's chest. Noticing that there were people watching him, he faked a smile and put his index finger on his lips, trying to signal them not to utter a word about what had just happened.

One more thing that insinuated that the incident could have been an assassination is the fact that the shooters did not bother to steal anything from the deceased's car.

3. He did not see eye to eye with Ghanaian MP Kennedy Agyapong

Ahmed Suale: 5-10 things you have to know

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Ahmed Suale had for the longest time worked as an investigative journalist for Tiger Eye. As an undercover journalist, he had covered investigations that had revealed several corruption cases against some of the top-notch officials and judges. Murderers and traffickers are also in the list of some of the culprits that were exposed by Tiger Eye.

Being involved in such high profile cases and the conditions of his murder will prove to you that his murder was an ordinary kind of death. Having worked with Tiger Eye under Anas Aremeyaw Anas who is also an undercover journalist, it could be insinuated that Ahmed was killed because of his profession.

Tiger Eye team is alleged to have conducted an investigation that revealed how corruption had taken root in African football. The report that the investigation team made about the corruption allegations caused Kennedy Agyapong: a Ghanaian member of parliament to express his sentiments about the allegations. The legislator expressed how much he disliked the idea of undercover journalism and openly called for Anas Aremeyaw Anas to be hanged.

In June 2018, the member of parliament, through his TV station, made remarks that sounded like an attack to Ahmed Suale. He also exposed Ahmed's face that he had kept a secret for the longest time, considering the nature of his job. Not only did the minister blow the cover for the investigative journalist but also gave details on where the latter resided. He went further to say:

"If you meet him somewhere, slap him… beat him. Whatever happens, I'll pay".

4. Ahmed Suale grew up in Northern Ghana

As a young boy, the latter was born in a family that had eight siblings and lived in Welunesi in the northern parts of the country. He stayed there all his childhood and left for Accra when he was eighteen years old. In Accra, he joined the University of Ghana where he pursued political science. It is during his stay at the university that he met Anas who would, later on, become his friend and colleague.

5. He failed during his first test while working with Anas

After years of being friends with Anas, he developed interests in investigative journalism. Anas did not treat him any different from his recruits. He asked him to travel to Tema in northern Ghana and report a story about cocaine. Ahmed followed instructions to the latter but, however, failed the test when he blew his cover and got arrested. He asked for a second chance which he was granted after Anas saw how resilient he was.

Ahmed Suale is an investigative journalist whose death is still a puzzle. The latter died at the tender age of thirty-one. According to the investigations about his death, he was shot at a close range. These facts might provide a clue to the circumstances that led to this tragedy.

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