An intimate look into Jiji agent’s life and work: Adetoye Deborah
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An intimate look into Jiji agent’s life and work: Adetoye Deborah

We met with, Adetoye Deborah, Jiji Offline Sales Manager, and asked her just one question, “are you happy with what you’re doing?” The answer turned out to be deserving of a personal article.

An intimate look into Jiji agent’s life and work: Adetoye Deborah

“Yes! I am happy with the way my life is turning out”

Employed by one of the biggest companies in Nigeria, work flexible hours, and get a very handsome financial return. Ever since my undergraduate days at the University of Abuja, I always knew that the 9 to 5 workday in the office environment wouldn’t be my thing.

A typical workday for me starts before I step out of my house. I plan ahead where I go despite whether I will be visiting old clients or scouting for new ones. As an Offline Sales Agent, the focus of my job is to convert more sellers to premium subscribers. With Jiji, the number one online marketplace, pushing away all competition, convincing sellers that they will make record sales on the classified isn’t as hard.

An intimate look into Jiji agent’s life and work: Adetoye Deborah

“I love being where the action is”

My favorite field of action is the Ikeja Computer Village (Lagos State). It is the center of everything I love about this job. The hustle and bustle, the opportunities, the size of it. Heading there any day pumps an extra dosage of adrenaline in me. I feel like a warrior stepping into the battlefield. Despite the huge crowd along the busy roads, my eyes are always darting left and right to mentally note which shops are not yet on the Jiji platform.

Visiting old clients might not be everyone’s favorite part of the job. Why bother spending time with them which could have been used in converting new sellers? I believe I speak on behalf of all Jiji sales agents when I say that we care because we build up such a cordial relationship with our sellers that meeting up with them doesn’t feel like a job.

I’m always on their speed dial. Now and then, sellers run into trouble with their adverts. I’m the only face they are familiar with from the company. Admittedly, some complaints seem as easy as ABC, like taking photos of their goods, and could be resolved by the clients themselves. The good news is that this almost always guarantees recurring subscriptions from them.

An intimate look into Jiji agent’s life and work: Adetoye Deborah

“My favorite sellers are those who stay glad that I introduced them to Jiji”

It feels like they always want to tell me a better successful sales story than the one they shared the last time we met. They always shower me with testimonials, spreading word of mouth among their business community and making my job easier.

These sellers also show their appreciation by gifting me items from their shops. I have received phone accessories, handbags, a wristwatch, and a rechargeable fan. And a fellow agent of mine received a brand new laptop from his client!

Resolving problems gives a sense of purpose. And I get to do that right now on my terms, at my pace, where I want it, and with solid compensation. So, yes, I am happy with my life right now! I am living the life most people only dream of.

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