Ghanaians share thoughts on first thing the country must change to get better

Ghanaians share thoughts on first thing the country must change to get better

- Some Ghanaians have expressed their thoughts about the first thing they think the country must change to get better

-, took to its Facebook platform to solicit suggestions on the subject

- Many have responded with passionate and interesting comments

While Ghana is relatively a peaceful country, the West Africa nation must activate some of its dysfunctional systems to operate in the realm of advanced nations and it appears some citizens agree that somethings must change.

For a nation to thrive, its institutions and systems, at least, twelve of its systems must function in a way that drives progress and success including its health, economic, scientific, entertainment, security, environmental, educational, political, cultural and other systems.

And yes, the soul of the nation, which is the spiritual system must align with the other systems to drive change and ensure that a nation gets better.

While a nation must be intentional about its progress through its structures, it’s quite a herculean task to achieve, especially when a nation has to galvanize its people and redirect their interests to achieve set agendas.

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However, a nation can focus on the little things it can do to engineer change and make things better., took to its social media handle to find out what first thing people think Ghana must change to get better.

Felix Akumeah, a social media devotee, was quick to respond minutes after quizzed.

''Attitudes of all Ghanaians. Currently our attitude 'stinks' and think going to church will solve it. We are at each other's throat,'' he said.

Another social media user, Eric Amoah, suggested that ''Parliamentarians should be paid on sitting allowance only,'' he stated in his response to the question.

He continued: ''They should be allowed to do their individual businesses and call to the house maybe 4× in a year to deliberate on some pressing issues just as the Assembly Members. After all how many laws do the Nation need to keep them busy through out the whole 4yrs unend.''

Selorm Kumfo, called on Ghanaians and leadership to pay closer attention to ''CREATIVE MINDS, INVENTORS AND INNOVATORS.''

He said the country's focus should be shifted from people who only speak ''big [English] with a lot of empty academic accolades.''

Of the passionate and genuine concerns expressed through ideas and answers, these Ghanaians have one similar characteristic, which is their invested emotions in their love for their country.

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And Bright Ntoaduro Frimpong affirmed this when he stated in response that as a country, ''the first thing we have to change as people is everything about us.....our lifestyle, our socialization process is corrupt, our cultures about women and children,'' he said.

Bright Frimpong continued: ''How we see money and those who have it, religion, ethnicity, politics everything is infiltrated with elements of corruption. We need to change our attitude and our approach to life. The mindset of the general people need overhauling without these changes, there can never be any positive change at all.''

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Other social media devotees could not hold their fingers to share thoughts on the first thing they think Ghana must change to get better.

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READ ALSO: Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro stirs reactions after sharing beautiful wedding photo

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