Beauty and success does not keep a man - Ghanaians give varied reasons on why men cheat

Beauty and success does not keep a man - Ghanaians give varied reasons on why men cheat

While varied answers have been given to the question regarding why men continue to cheat even on exceptionally beautiful and high achieving women, the 1 billion dollar question has become cyclical and driven by the cultural machinery.

And despite the fact that women also cheat, the activity has become synonymous to men, who for most, appear to have given up on any possibility that they would not cheat.

For some of these men, if there happens to be a potion that could be administered to cure and prevent men from cheating, they still would not take it.

Some have said, that ''cheating is in the DNA of men.''

While one could argue from the cultural and social perspectives that men have been conditioned to think that cheating partly defines a man’s musicality, however, women also cheat.

The difference is the social orientation has normalized cheating my men compared to women and this paradigm is entrenched by the cultural machinery that drives toxic narratives that support cheating by men.

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In response to the question, social media enthusiast Robert Thompson, revealed that ''beauty and success [does not keep] a man. It’s...character,'' he stated on Facebook.

Nii-Adjei Mensah Jnr, indicated that ''some ladies are too religious that's why we men cheat.''

He continued: '' different for every lady.... Some are very weak.''

Another social media devotee, Iketsuku Kwesi, highlighted the financial basis as to why men cheat on even beautiful and successful women.

And the age old answers arrived. Social media users, Hugo boss and Djimeh Emmanuel reiterated toxic narratives.

Hugo boss wrote: ''[men] can't eat fufu 3X a day for 7days.''

''We are in Africa.. Leave us alone. But please, find King Solomon and ask him, he has the best answer,'' Djimeh Emmanuel stated ion response.

Meanwhile, popular controversial Ghanaian man of God, Asanteman Bofour, popularly known as Reverend Obofour is in the news once again after he made shocking claims about men of God in Ghana. The reverend claimed that every man of God likes a woman with a big backside. The pastor made the claims during an interview on his TV show.

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