Nigerian woman allegedly dies while undergoing liposuction in an Abuja hospital

Nigerian woman allegedly dies while undergoing liposuction in an Abuja hospital

- A Twitter user has taken to the site to lament after his friend died as a result of cosmetic surgery

- According to Afu wa na Tuwita, a lady lost her life after undergoing liposuction at a big hospital in Abuja to reduce her body fat

- Afu used the opportunity to warn ladies to love their bodies the way it is

The cosmetic industry is a highly thriving one as it has been noticed that people would go above and beyond to look good at all times, even if it entails undergoing dangerous procedures.

For some ladies, applying makeup is not enough to improve their appearance as they also undergo cosmetic surgery even if there is a chance they might lose their lives in the process. has gathered the report of a Nigerian lady who reportedly lost her life after undergoing a cosmetic surgery in Abuja.

According to one Afu wan a Tuwita on Twitter, a friend of his lost her life after she went for a liposuction surgery to reduce her body fat.

Afu explained that the lady who used to have a bubbly personality had dropped off his cousin at home on a Saturday and went for the surgery on Sunday.

After the surgery, the lady reportedly started bleeding so much and the doctors could not control it before she eventually lost her life.

See the rest of his tweets below:

This is so sad. RIP to the dead.

Just recently, reported that a Lagos-based cosmetic surgeon is allegedly on the run after the surgery on an ex-beauty queen resulted in her death.

Anu who is the owner of @med_contour on Instagram, (personal Instagram handle @sisi_any) was approached by Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam; a former beauty queen, for a BLL, liposuction and fat transfer on December 31, 2018, and got complications from it.


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