11 ways to save on clothes

11 ways to save on clothes

Did you know that your clothes that are right now in your wardrobe can become your additional source of cash? YEN together with Jiji got into the swing of things and prepared a list of recommendations that will help you improve your style and earn some extra money.

1. Catch up sales periods

The sales season captures the Christmas holidays and the end of summer, and at some stores, it takes place at the end of each trimester. In such a period, it’s realistic to update the wardrobe for nothing. However, the sales season is not for the faint of heart: lines having no end, a lack of needed sizes, and rudeness and aggression of people around.

If you still want to take a chance, consider a strategy of behavior. Wear clothes that will not constrain actions in the dressing room and when walking in narrow aisles. Options for women: sundress, shorts, t-shirt. Options for men: shorts and t-shirts. Among shoes choose Birkenstock sandals, flip flops, crocs sandals.

11 ways to save on clothes

2. See price tags right away

In the store, the first thing the buyer sees is the latest collection. New, clean clothes that have not yet been got dirty seem to fit perfectly in your wardrobe. But the moment when you look at the price label, the glasses will have broken, and the dress for half of your salary will not seem already so attractive.

3. Look for discounted items

While naive fools swarm around the new collection, you should proudly head to the distant corners of the store. There you will find the belongings ― discounted goods. Note, “discounted” does not mean unwearable. These are the same things that could be on mannequins in the shop window at the beginning of the season but were not sold out. Be prepared that there is no suitable size left or that the clothes are damaged. Having met a fitting thing, but with stains of a make-up foundation or without a button, remember that these flaws can be easily fixed.

In such store departments, it is quiet and comfortable. Few people hope to find good items in the remnants of the old collection but ignore them. Such nooks and corners are full of basic wardrobe items: pants, plain t-shirts, classic skirts, dress shirts, and white sneakers.

4. Do not go shopping immediately after salary

To blow on the salary for new clothes at the beginning of the month is not a big task. And here we are standing with a bunch of packages and an empty wallet. From now on, go for new clothes during the third week after the salary if you do not want to eat fast food a month after. This way, it will be not so difficult to part with hard-earned money, and your stature will benefit from a week of moderate nutrition.

5. Make a Wish List

Get a notepad, create a note on your phone or stick a piece of paper on the refrigerator and write down all your desired purchases there. Saw a cute handbag in the shop window ― on the list. Want new shoes with an animal print ― on the list. Noticed lipstick without which your image will be unfinished ― on the list! This method teaches you not to make spontaneous purchases. Define how long you wait until you’re allowed to buy the desired thing. For some people, a month or two is okay, while for others, it takes a year to take a weighted decision.

Temporary abstinence from shopping will do away with the instinctive desire to get instantly what you want. The deadline will show how necessary the purchase is for you. A thing can quickly go out of fashion in a couple of months. You will understand that the item has been overestimated or in a couple of months you will find the same but cheaper.

11 ways to save on clothes

6. Sort clothes through

It is necessary to sort clothes through at least every six months. This will allow you to control what things are already in your wardrobe and what is worth buying. The wardrobe inspection will significantly facilitate the search for clothes and create a neat look for the closet.

Hand over needless things to a charity. If the clothes are new and you are sorry to get rid of it in this way, try selling it. Gather friends at your home and offer to try garments for which you are looking for a new owner. Another option is through the Internet. Use profiles in social networks (FB, Twiter, or Instagram). This method does not involve complex actions, but you should keep in mind that audience coverage will include only those who you are friends with.

There are also online boards such as Jiji where you immediately put things in the right category. You can also advertise your items for a specific time or raise it in the ranking.

7. Do not disdain second-hand shops

There you will find clothes, shoes, and even accessories. Here as well as in the mass market store the same rule is applicable: if you can repair and wash a piece of clothes, then it’s worth taking. Often online second-hand stores lower product prices one week after goods delivered. However, by visiting a second-hand shop too late, you risk being left with nothing. Mature regulars take almost all the clothes without damage which are relatively new in the first days after delivery.

8. Take care of your clothes

Everything is simple here. Do not go for new jeans if a hole or a small spot has appeared on the old ones. There is nothing complicated to repair these flaws on your own.

9. Do not buy branded underwear

Do not buy underwear and socks of expensive brands. Leave this activity to aristocrats and filthy rich musicians. Your choice is a market or an economical set of 5 items in one package at a discount in the mass market store such as Zara.

11 ways to save on clothes

10. Wear classics and don't show off

By classics we mean much more than just jackets and shirts. These are white t-shirts combined with jeans. These are straight lines and exquisite accessories. The advantage of such clothes is that this style doesn’t lose traction in the fashion arena, only occasionally changing accents in the image. With a classic-style wardrobe, you don’t have to chase the latest trends or buy up unnecessary clothes being unable to determine what suits you.

11. Some things can be borrowed

If you are attending a friend’s wedding and a new outfit isn’t in line with your budget, do not spend your last money on a dress or suit that you’ll wear two or three times. Use services on the web for renting evening dresses just for such cases.

Source: Yen

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