Rev Opambour Shows Off His $1 000 000 Mansion And All The Cars (VIDEO)

Rev Opambour Shows Off His $1 000 000 Mansion And All The Cars (VIDEO)

Many at times, most of us find it challenging to declare our worth to the public due to different reasons. Perhaps, we are afraid to be subjected to various forms of controversies by society. However, this is not the case for Rev Opambour. Recently, the Rev. surprised his congregation by showing what he has been able to achieve so far in the ministry.

Rev Opambour
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Rumors have it that the Ghanaian televangelist, popularly known as Prophet 1, showed his wealth on live TV to challenge Rev Owusu Bempah and other preachers. Earlier on, the preachers led by Rev Owusu had dared him to do so. So, he decided to respond by declaring his worth on his television, Prophet 1 TV. In the video, the preacher showed off his two classy mansions– Onyame Tease and Tumi Ye Awurade Dea. Judging from the video, the two big mansion flats are costly, why? Both of them are enclosed with electric fences and classy modern gates.

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Also, in the video, one can see a fleet of cars outside the mansions, which are very expensive. If indeed, all the properties are his then he might have achieved a lot in the time he has been serving in the ministry.

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Public reactions

It did not take long before the video went viral on the internet. A section of people has condemned the act while others are applauding him on the same. Some of them took to social media, and here is a sample of their reactions:

  • Perry_444real : Church members you see your lives? Hustle for money and pray for yourselves but you won’t listen ..... He is living it up you think he’s a fool like you hwe! Awurade nhyira mu is what he uses to keep fooling you!
  • Beauty.adjoa: Soooo true his house de3 I stay around his place
  • Priscillaawunyo: Yet there are some poor people in his church who're still suffering to make ends meat, suffering to pay their wards fees etc.. And he is here showing off mansions, tweaaaaa when he dies he should carry the mansions and cars along to his grave....
  • Ghpharrellgilbert: Wow praise the Lord l tap into ur blessings in the name of Jesus

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Judging from the comments, it is easy to conclude that most of them thought this was unnecessary. Besides, he contradicted himself because he had early said that he cannot boast of his wealth. In his defense, the preacher said it was necessary because he wanted his followers to know where he stays so that they can visit him whenever they want.

Rev Opambour has hit the headline by showing off his wealth on live television. The preacher, who is the founder of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center, threw the challenge to his colleagues, who alleged to be wealthier than him. However, on the other hand, the 'man of God’ defended his actions by saying that he only wanted his followers to know his residences.

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