Wasa: basic phrases and interesting facts

Wasa: basic phrases and interesting facts

The Wasa people are part of the Akan and live mainly in Ghana. However, Tarkwa is one of the areas where Wasa people are known to live in large numbers. This area is one of the leading producers of cocoa and gold in the land of the Akan people. The Wasa people also live in other towns that include Samreboi, Manso-Amenfi, Asankrangwa, Ankwaso, Wasa Akropong, Amoanda, Oppong Valley, Bawdie, Nkonya, Bogoso, Huni Valley, Prestea, Aboso, Daboase, Nsuta, Nsuaem, Ateiku, Apemenyim, Ango, Benso, Mpohor, Wassa Simpa, Trebuom, Adum-Dominase, Amuzukrom, Adum-Banso, and Manso.

Wasa interesting facts
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Adum-Banso was established in 1811. Its initial territorial control went from where it is now to Takoradi. It, however, lost in the Ahanta wars, which led to the reduction of its territorial control. Nana Kwandoh Brempong I, the king of Adum-Banso, poured libation as a way of blessing the construction works of Takoradi Harbour back in 1927. This was the king's way to ensure the town was recognized for its former control over the Wassa territory.

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Apart from the harbour, Adum-Banso also homes the biggest palm oil plantation, the Benso Oil Palm Plantation, Adum-Banso Estates in the Western region. The company was started in 1976 by UNILIVER. It is currently owned by WILMAR.

Wasa interesting facts

  • There are significant deposits of gold and iron in Adum-Banso, which are yet to be exploited.
  • Wassa remains the biggest tribe in the Western Region as far as population and land are concerned. Their land occupies 9,638 km2, a few kilometres of the total size of the central region.
  • Wasa is the only Twi-speaking community living in the Western Region. It is known simply as Wassa and has a great similarity with Bono.
  • The main religion of the Wasa people is Christianity.

Basic phrases

This language is one of Akan's long list of languages. It is widely used and spoken as an indigenous language in the Ashanti land. Akan language is recognized officially as a language for literacy in the Ashanti land both at the elementary and primary levels of education. It is also studied as a degree course, bachelors and masters, at the university. Here are some of Akan phrases that can easily pass as Wasa phrases:

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  • Okoto nwo anoma - A crab does not give birth to a bird.
  • Woforo dua pa a na yepia wo - One person does not hold council.
  • Abofra bo nnwa na ommo akyekyedee - A child breaks a snail, not a tortoise.
  • Obanyansofoo yebu no be, yennka no asem - The wise is spoken to in proverbs, not plain language.
  • Hu m’ani so ma me nti na atwe mmienu nam - It is because of “blow the dust off my eyes” that two antelopes walk together.
  • Da yie – Good night.
  • Meda wo ase – Thank you.
  • Mo – Good.

Wasa people are a peace-loving individuals with a heart for progress. Facts about them show their intentions clearly.

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