Isaac Dogboe biography and boxing profile

Isaac Dogboe biography and boxing profile

Isaac Dogboe is among the young boxers who are making a name for themselves in every tournament that they participate in. This young boxer is known for his courage and might in facing great opponents in the industry, such as Emanuel Navarrete and Otake.

Isaac Dogboe
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What do you know about Isaac Dogboe? Do you know his education profile or his age? Here is an opportunity for you to get more insight into this young boxer.

Isaac Dogboe profile summary

  • Full name: Isaac Zion Dogboe
  • Nickname: Royal Storm
  • Date of birth: 26th of September in 1994
  • Birthplace: Accra, Ghana
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Nationality: United Kingdom
  • Residence: Stockwell, London, United Kingdom
  • Profession: Boxer
  • Debut: 2013-08-30
  • Division: Super bantam
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Height: 5′ 2″ / 157cm

Isaac Dogboe early life

Image:, @isaacbraveson
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Isaac Dogboe became a boxing legend after his impeccable destruction of Jessie Magdaleno. The fight saw Dogboe become one of the youngest Ghanaian boxers ever to win a world champion. Isaac has become a boxer in demand since this victory. However, the primary question most of his supporters ask is ‘where did it all start?’

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The 25-year-old Ghanaian boxer was born on the 26th of September in 1994, in Accra Ghana. His father hailed from a mighty kingdom in Ghana known as the Anyako and Kumasi situated in the Volta. The mother also hailed from the dominant Ashanti region in Ghana. The future legendary boxer was brought up in Ghana.

However, when he was eight years old, he relocated together with his family to the United Kingdom. The family of the 25-year-old settled in Stockwell, a place this boxer still resides. Initially, this good-looking 25-year-old never had an interest in boxing. Instead, he had an eye for football. He wanted to become a footballer.

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However, his father always persuaded him to venture into the boxing world. He eventually gave in and ventured into boxing only to prove his father that he was not scared of this tough career.

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The 25-year-old professional boxer began training at the Fitzroy Lodge ABC located in Lambeth. However, eight months before enrolling at this club, his father used to teach him in Kennington Park. When Isaac was around fifteen years old, he had emerged victorious in several junior novices’ national championships. He was the first individual in the club’s history to ever scoop this prestigious award.

isaac dogboe vs jessie magdaleno
Image:, @isaacbraveson
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Later on, Dogboe’s father became part of the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. He began training the boxers at this place, an aspect that made Isaac move to the Territorial Army to train also. Here, the 25-year-old managed to win the title of the senior novices.

Although most people tend to think that the boxer sacrificed his education life to kick off his boxing career, this could not be far from the truth. Dogboe never compromised his education. Instead, he used to combine the two. This professional boxer used to fight in the ring as well as study for his diploma in sports and exercise science as St. Francis Xavier Sixth Form College located in Clapham.

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He later graduated with a ‘merit’ in his BTEC. His first test came in 2012 when he was set to face his fierce competitor Satoshi Shimizu. It was a good experience because he would get a chance to face his rival in his hometown, London. This fight would be a test of his three-year training. Although it was a great experience of competing, he, however, was not fortunate to win the battle.

Isaac was the youngest boxer who had enrolled in the tournament. According to Dogboe, he believed that he had done enough to see him easily scoop the victory. However, things did not work out as he had thought. He lost 10-9 to Satoshi Shimizu. Nonetheless, the experience was an impressive way to showcase him to the world.

Isaac Dogboe boxing profile

ghana boxing
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Whether you are a Ghana boxing fan or not, we can bet you have heard of the legendary Isaac Dogboe fights. They are always impressive to watch because they showcase the tricks of this youngster. Here are some of the highlight matches of this iconic boxer:

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Legendary Isaac Dogboe vs Emanuel Navarrete rematch

The Dogboe vs Navarrete rematch was one of the most anticipated tournaments by most boxing fans. It was set to be a game-changer because no one knew who would win the WBO super bantamweight title. Although most people expected Isaac to redeem himself from the first face-off and win the title, the rematch, however, played out just like the first.

Emanuel Navarrete was successful in defending his WBO super bantamweight title. Navarrete landed long, powerful shots on Dogboe, who was struggling to get a chance to showcase what he had in his bag of tricks. At the end of the match, Navarrete had managed to land 314 of 884 total punches (35.5%) while Isaac had landed 121 of 523 total punches (23.1%).

Destructive Isaac Dogboe vs Jessie Magdaleno tournament

isaac dogboe fight
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This is one of the most exciting boxing matches of Dogboe. The 25-year-old faced Jessie Magdaleno in Philadelphia and won the WBO super bantamweight championship. The victory made Isaac the youngest world champion in the history of Ghana’s rich boxing. However, the win did not come easy.

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Isaac started the match a bit rough, making Magdaleno drop him in the opening round. The unexpected drop by this Ghanaian born boxer made most people anxious to see how the next rounds would turn out. He impressed everybody watching the match by coming on to the other rounds stronger than he was in the first one.

The iconic Dogboe vs Otake match

Facing an older and experienced boxer would seem to scare many young fighters. However, this was not the case for Dogboe. The WBO super bantamweight champion, Isaac Dogboe knocked down Otake two times and proceeded to batter him until the tournament referee, Patrick Morley, intervened to cease the slaughter.

The huge shots coming from Isaac led him to his prestigious win. The official stoppage time of the match was at 2:18.

All Isaac Dogboe’s fights will leave you asking when and where Isaac Dogboe next fight will be held. The young, strong, and fast boxer is very tactical in the ring, an aspect that makes fans wonder what they will expect of him.

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