Ghanaians 'expose' dangerous signs that show a partner is no longer in love

Ghanaians 'expose' dangerous signs that show a partner is no longer in love

- Some Ghanaians have noted signs people show when they fall out of love with a partner

- sought to find out ''some of the signs people show when they are no longer in love with their partner''

- And many have given varied responses

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Undoubtedly love is beautiful when you find that special person that makes you feel you found a piece of yourself that had been missing and makes you feel complete.

However, how does one get to know when that piece that made them feel whole is slowing but surely slipping away especially when ‘sweet’ love can potentially make its ‘victims’ blind.

And that is why is it not always valid the idea that people choose not to see the signs when a partner they shared a pillow with has come to place in their live where they no longer feel the same way they used to because these signs can sometimes elude the strongest of hearts or persons.

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Social media user, Yao Preko, was quick to state some red flags people knowingly and unknowingly show when they fallout of love with a partner.

1.She doesn't call you again as she use to

2. Always busy when you call her but she is always online

3. I will call you back but never does.

4. Reads your messages but hardly reply.

5. Doesn't reply " I love you too" when you tell her "I love you".

''Lack communication... When you call her they will be telling you they are busy, iam not feeling well etc,'' IxUr Bwoyy Jo, said in response.

Mary Boye noted the other partner always tells lies and ''they pretend as if they have not seen ur missed call.Eiii saa my phone was in low battery it went off, I heard my phone was ringing by the time I reach there it went off so I didn't see the number.''

And just when the responses got emotional, Emmanuel Akwasi Asante responded with a funny comment.

He wrote: ''When she doesn't love you , when you call she can be like " hold on lemme drink water I will call you when I'm done and it can take like 4 days when you call and ask she will reply " I was drinking water , hmm was she drinking river Jordan or the Atlantic Ocean.''

Princess Leslie noted that one must move on when they see these red flags.

''You raise a critical issue n he is like, am tired can we talk later? He will never call afterward call back again n he is like we can’t talk now am busy, call back n he like so u can’t even give me a breathing space now,'' Princess Leslie, said in response.

She added: ''Sister to cut all long story short this picture is telling u, u are a thing of the past. Move on, u can’t come n kill urself secof someone pikin.''

All-is Well Abraham wrote: ''I was busy all day will be the reason for not calling, picking up calls, and not checking on you. Always, am busy lemme call you later.''

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