Mom of 2 who missed graduation twice completes Master's; shares inspiring story

Mom of 2 who missed graduation twice completes Master's; shares inspiring story

- Jacinta Dentaa Hinson, a mother of two kids has recounted her ordeal while pursuing a master's programme at the University of Education, Winneba

- The former student of St. Roses High School revealed her struggles as a mother and wife who finally completed a two-year master's programme in four years

- Jacinta has finally graduated and took to Facebook to share her tough journey to obtaining a laudable feat to inspire

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A mother of two, identified as Jacinta Dentaa Hinson, has shared her struggles while she was pursuing her master's degree in Home Economics and Family Resource Management at the University of Education, Winneba.

Jacinta Denta Hinson shared her unique story about how she overcame herculean odds to finally complete her thesis and graduate with a master’s degree to inspire tens and thousands.

From Abetifi in the Ashanti region, Hinson notes her journey to obtaining her MPhil was no easy feat.

The former student of St. Roses Senior High School shared her inspiring story in a Facebook group to urge others to clinch to hope regardless of their current challenges.

''There’s no real hustle than to defend your thesis with your 2-month baby. The defense alone is a real struggle…Everything went really well… 3 months later, here she is telling her story and motivating others not to lose hope and never give up after the long-awaited graduation.

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A stressful but successful completion of her masters,’' Hinson ended with on inspiring note.

However the journey was not as easy as it sounds and the mother of three reveals that: ''It started when she was pregnant with her first baby and ended 10 months after she had her second child (it could be her last child, or maybe not, time will tell.

A programme that had to end after 2 years (2015-2017), lasted for 4 stressful but successful yrs. The first year started so well until she became a mum for the very first time.

When she had thesis to right, she also had a 24/7 demanding baby to take care of. It was her first year as a wife as well, you can imagine the stress.

At some point she wanted to quit. There were few times that she had to take her baby to the lecture hall (general courses). There were times when she had to leave the lecture hall just because the baby was crying.

Fortunately or unfortunately, in her specialized area, she was the only student, one on one lecture.

Sometimes she wished she had waited before giving birth, "it’s just 2 years, you could have waited to complete before getting married", she thought. She almost gave up on her thesis. I think she did, for about 5 months.

After she felt she was well settled into motherhood, she went back to her thesis (2017), that was the year she was supposed to graduate.

While collecting data for her project, her mate was graduating (now a lecturer), at that time, she wished she was her…hmmm.

Thanks to her husband, he was her strongest pillar, even when she tot she couldn’t make it, he so much believed in her. He gave her all the support she needed.

She pushed so hard to complete her work before the deadline for submission, hoping to be part of the graduation the following year (2018), April section. Frustration from supervisor. The back and forth, the least said, the better. Her part of the work was done, now in the hands of the supervisor, it took about 8months to get feedback from her supervisor, only to be told she had a new supervisor.

Too late to be part of April, 2018 graduation. Ba she was still hopeful that she would graduate 2018 because there was a November section, and her new supervisor was also really helpful.

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She didn’t have much to do, as she was literally done with the work, so she got pregnant again.

Just a month after she found out she was pregnant, she got her appointment letter from GES for the very first time, after 4 years of completing her first degree.

It was a bit of a relief from the boredom of staying at home with no work. But to think of starting her career with pregnancy? That wasn't part of the plan.

Still waiting for approval from her supervisor. Finally in June, 2018), her work was approved to be sent out for external supervision, she was still hopeful it could be back for her to defend before the November 2018 section of the graduation, and also get to graduate before she gave birth. God had his own plans.

Graduation date came out, the work hadn't come, she couldn’t defend, she couldn’t graduate, sad enough!!! Another year without graduation and it comes with an extra payment of fees for not finishing on time.

The year was ending and it couldn’t have ended any better, her second child came into the scene, a week before Christmas, even better!!! 2 months after his birth she had to defend her thesis (it had come back from the external supervisor).

There’s no real hustle than to defend your thesis with your 2 months baby. The defense alone is a real struggle. This too shall pass!!! She knew.

Everything went really well. Graduation was scheduled for July (2019), couldn’t have been much happier, preparations were made, all set for the big day, out of the blue, booooooom, "graduation has been postponed till further notice.

Three months later, here she is telling her story and motivating others not to lose hope and never give up after the long awaited graduation. A stressful but successful completion of her master’s degree programme.''

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