5 surprising ways to not get tricked by overpriced goods

5 surprising ways to not get tricked by overpriced goods

Did you notice how blissfully and without thinking, we buy things? Black Friday, New Year discounts, end-of-season sales, store clearance sale, partnerships, or giveaways. All these marketing ploys make us wanting something so desperately that we switch off logic and allow our emotions to be in the driver’s seat.

In the end, everything boils down to overpaid goods, which you may actually not need. YEN.com.gh, together with Jiji, decided to show you how easy you can change the situation for your own benefit!

5 surprising ways to not get tricked by overpriced goods

Unfortunately, we choose the last option almost every time
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Monitor prices before and after a sale

One of the most widespread cheat techniques involves boosting goods costs right before a sale and then abating the price to its standard value while calling it “a discount.” The most horrible thing is that there's no vendor you can be sure about. Even sellers with a good reputation and a considerable number of sales do not disdain “fake” discounts.

Every year, I’m in search of the biggest discounts for home appliances, clothing and shoes of world brands. For me, there’s anything out of the ordinary to find out that a really good discount can be one on a million. All others are just a fool’s bargain. ― Frank, 28 years old, professional shopper

Some sellers go rogue and drive up prices during sales even more than they were before. All that they hope for is that you will not notice it and buy a needed thing for a large amount of money.

Plan of action

When you get down to it, it will turn out that all these ploys give either a very modest benefit to the client, or don’t give it all. Such a nasty trick is very easy to notice. For the month or even two before the anticipated sale, start checking prices for the desired goods. Specifically for AliExpress, there is an extension AliExpress Tool for the browser and the AliPrice website, with the help of which you can observe the price development over time. This will let you see when the prices started to rise and avoid being cheated.

5 surprising ways to not get tricked by overpriced goods

Plan purchases in advance

Usually, when we urgently need something to buy, we grab the first thing we can find. Stop doing this! It’s much easier and more pleasant to buy anything beforehand. Whether it is New Year, the birthday of a close relative, the niece's wedding, think about the present in advance. Mark them on the calendar, plan what you want to buy, how much you’re going to spend, and how much you need to save every week/month to have a required sum of money by the important event.

Further actions

Think about what else you would like to purchase and allocate costs for every desired thing. It will teach you not to spend all your salary over a week and wean away from impulsive purchases that can cost you a fortune in the end. A few months of waiting will show whether you need a new smartphone or the current one isn’t as bad.

5 surprising ways to not get tricked by overpriced goods


Sometimes, it’s worth to go to the nearest market and show your bargain talent. And it’s not necessary to be a keen psychologist ― just ask a seller if there’s an opportunity to abate the price a little bit. If you’re taking more than one thing, the seller will be even more glad to give you a discount.

Back-up plan

If all your attempts to bargain the price down ended up with nothing, loudly compare into the face of the seller the cost of goods in this shop and that one around the corner. Many shops are not ready to lose customers, which can come back and even bring new buyers.

5 surprising ways to not get tricked by overpriced goods

Participate in a joint procurement

It is the last trend in the shopping world where people try to get the best for less money. This method lies in purchasing a large lot of needed things for one time. Many people come together, discuss how many items each of them needs, contribute a particular sum of money, and make an order. This method helps dramatically reduce the price by avoiding middlemen, such as retail stores, which add extra charges to the initial product value.

5 surprising ways to not get tricked by overpriced goods

Compare prices

As soon as you started to save money for the desired thing, it’s time to see the difference between prices on different websites and in different stores. It’s convenient to do via applications that aggregate prices from different sources and show the most beneficial variants.


Price checking aggregators are beyond question good, however, if you want to get an opportunity to bargain online with a vendor, classifieds, such as Jiji, are a better choice. There you can see all the possible options of the desired goods, from official retailers as well as one-off sellers. After you can start communicating and bargain on the price or say goodbye and continue searching over the platform.

5 surprising ways to not get tricked by overpriced goods

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