Andre Ayew age, wife, siblings, father, team, club, stats, cars, salary and Instagram

Andre Ayew age, wife, siblings, father, team, club, stats, cars, salary and Instagram

André Ayew is one of the famous Ayew brothers who have always been the pride of Ghana. The brothers are renowned for their excellent performance in football. The latter has curved an admirable football career internationally and stands as one of the wealthiest players in the country. He currently plays for the Ghana National team and Swansea City.

Andre Ayew age, wife, siblings, father, team, club, stats, cars, salary and Instagram

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Andre Ayew known to many as Dede Ayew is an accomplished footballer who is making the most significant steps int the sport. What started as a passion has turned into an admirable career. Being born in a family where football was more than an ordinary sport played a very significant role in cultivating his talent. Being the son of an award-winning soccer player meant that he had huge shoes that needed him to fill. He has worked towards that and is among the most promising international football players. You might be interested in knowing more about him.

Andre Ayew biography

Andre Ayew age

He was born on 17th December 1989 in Seclin, a small town in the city of Lille in northern France. As of date, he is twenty-nine years old.

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Andre Ayew father

He is the son of Abedi Pele, an award-winning footballer. Both of his parents are Ghanaian. His family is gifted in the sport as his two brothers, Jordan Ayew and Ibrahim Ayew, are professional footballers. To add to it, his uncles, Sola Ayew and Kwame Ayew are also professional footballers.

Andre Ayew siblings

The latter is lucky to be part of the famous Ayew brothers. His brothers, Jordan and Ibrahim are also into football. Jordan Ayew plays fro Crystall Palace whereas Ibrahim plays for Gibraltar.

Dede Ayew wife

Andre Ayew age, wife, siblings, father, team, club, stats, cars, salary and Instagram

Image:, @andreayew10
Source: UGC

Andre is married to Yvonne Ayew. Andre Ayew wife caught the internet by surprise when she recently posted photos of herself. She left most people in awe regarding her beauty, and most of her husband's fans have referred to her as one of the most beautiful footballer's wives.

Andre Ayew career

The latter showed interest in soccer at a young age. He kicked off his career at 1860 München, the team that his father played for. When he turned ten, he joined Nania in Accra Ghana. By then, his father was the chairman of the club. For the four years that followed, he dedicated his energy towards perfecting his skill since he desired to be promoted to the senior squad. On the fourth year, his efforts paid off as he earned the promotion.

Even though he had earned the spot in the senior squad, he still took part in the youth events. In 2004, he received the title of one of the most famous players during the Altstetten U-19 Tournament. He stayed in Nania for the two seasons that followed before switching to Marseille in France, a club that his father had played for.

Olympique de Marseille

At Marseille, he enrolled as a trainee and after playing for a couple of months, he got promoted to the youth's team. Months later, he signed a three-year contract that warranted him to play in the senior squad. He played his first match in the senior team in August 2007 even though he got on the pitch during the 89th minute as a substitute for Modeste M'bami. His team eventually lost to Valenciennes.

In November that year, he played his first match in the Champion's League where he played on the left-wing. This was during a match against Porto. During this match, he played for seventy-seven minutes after which he was substituted. His performance during the match was quite noticeable, and he was commended for how well he had countered Porto's José Bosingwa. His performance also warranted him an opportunity to play during the match against Lyon, a game that his team won. He was also commended for his excellent performance.

By this time, international teams like Arsenal had begun to show interest in signing him. Arsenal offered to him for 6 million Euros, a deal that Ayew turned down.

Loaned to Lorient

During the 2008-2009 season, Marseille signed up new attackers, and as a result, Andre was regarded as a surplus in the team. He was, therefore loaned to Lorient for the season. In September 2008, he scored his first professional goal. One month later, he scored his second goal in a match that his team won. By the end of that league, he had made 22 appearances and had scored three goals. In June 2009, he went back to Marseille.

Return to Marseille

Andre returned to Marseille in June 2009 and confirmed to play during the 2010-2011 league. He also signed another three-year contract with the team. During that season, he scored a couple of winning goals for the team, a move that saw him being named the Best Player for the season.

By the time the four-year contract term was coming to an end, he had signed a one-year contract that would extend his stay at Marseille for another year. He, therefore, left Marseille in 2015.

Swansea City

After a series of continually posting good results for the time that he was in Marseille, Andre joined Swansea City in June 2015 after signing a four-year contract. In August that year, he scored his first goal during a match against Chelsea. His second goal came in later that month during a game against New Castle where his team won. He also scored during a game against Manchester United and later that month, he landed the title of Premier League Player of the month. Swansea also awarded him the GWFX Player of the Month.

West Ham United

In August 2016, Andre Ayew signed a three-year contract with West Ham United. The contract was signed at a fee of £20.5 million. He played his debut game during a match against Chelsea. During the game, he sustained a thigh injury on the thirty-fifth minute after which he was substituted. He returned to the pitch in October and, later on, in December, he scored his first goal during a match against Swansea City.

Return to Swansea City

Andre Ayew age, wife, siblings, father, team, club, stats, cars, salary and Instagram

Image:, @andreayew10
Source: UGC

After his four-year contract with West Ham United came to an end, Andre Ayew returned to his former team: Swansea City. His debut game after his return happened in August 2019. During the game, he scored two goals during a match against Northampton Town. The game ended with a 3-1 win for Swansea City. On 1st November 2019, he was appointed as the deputy captain of the team.

Andre Ayew current team

If you were wondering about the latter's current team, he plays for Swansea City.

Andrew Ayew club

The latter is a member of Swansea City A.F.C.

Andre Ayew Fenerbahce

In July 2019, the latter joined the famous Süper Lig club Fenerbahçe. The deal was signed on loan and offered the club the option of signing him up permanently once the loan was fully paid.

Andre Ayew stats

Andre has shown great potential for growth as he has consistently risen throughout his career in soccer. His consistency has been revealed in his statistics. For the time that he played for Marseille, he scored sixty-one goals. In West Ham, he scored twelve goals while in Swansea City, he scored twelve goals before he left and one match into his return, he has already scored two goals.

Andre Ayew salary

It is not clear how much Andre Ayew net worth is even though he is believed to be among the richest footballers in Ghana. He is believed to earn a salary of $4.2 million.

Andre Ayew cars

Andre Ayew age, wife, siblings, father, team, club, stats, cars, salary and Instagram

Image:, @andreayew10
Source: UGC

The latter takes pride in owning some of the most expensive rides. He does not shy off from sharing them on his social media pages.

Andre Ayew Instagram

Being the coveted football player that he is, he has a huge fanbase. His Instagram account, for instance, commands 419,000 followers.

Andre Ayew is one of the most promising Ghanaian football players. He is famous for making the most significant steps in the sport and has set a commendable record in the sport.

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